Uber’s hardships have not ended yet as it has received another blow from Delhi High Court as it refused to stay proceeding in the rape case against Uber’s driver. The incident affected not only Uber but others taxi firms  as well as it revealed security flaws. Leading to which Delhi Government revoked licences of all the companies. Other taxi aggregators like Ola, TaxiForSure etc. had to face hardships as well.

Uber yesterday announced its partnership with SafetiPin which a map based mobile safety app and it also partnered with First Advantage for driver screening and background checks earlier this month. Even after these measure Government is not moved and is adamant to shut company’s operations in the city.

Delhi Transport Department has reached central government to block the IP address of Uber and if it happens then company’s website and mobile phone application will no longer be accessible in India. The department gave Uber till 25 February to submit a revised application complying with changed taxi norms.

A senior official said,”We are waiting to see if they comply and apply for a licence before issuing a written request to block the IP address.”

Pawan Duggal, cyber law expert and a Supreme Court advocate, said that the blocking of websites in India can be done under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act but the rules to get them unblocked are unclear.

This is not the first time a foreign company is being blocked in India. DoT banned 32 websites in December for no apparent reason.

It’s high time that government should realise that blocking is not an alternative, working out the deficiencies is. Blocking Uber won’t help amending it will.

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