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6 Insanely Effective Hacks For Getting A 5 Digit Email Signup List

6 Insanely Effective Hacks For Getting A 5 Digit Email Signup List

I’ve heard many people say that email marketing is dead and ineffective. Nowhere close to being old-fashioned, for many companies it is their email subscribers who are the most faithful visitors. When a person signs up for your emails, it means that they value the content that you offer and would like to get such regular updates.

Your email subscribers are the most faithful ones, they chose to listen to what you say and to get more such updates in the future.

Noah Kagan of App Sumo a company that builds website plugins, used email marketing to build a 7 figure business.

Email signups are important to both bloggers and product making companies. For a blogger, emailers are the best way to announce a new post to their readers. While for a company, the strong reader following wants to hear from you, they trust you and want to listen about your views on the industry and they look up to you to help them select the plan or service most beneficial for them. Same goes for apps, email marketing helps them grow the number of users and acquire faithful ones.

Here are 6 surefire email acquiring hacks to nitroboost your email subscriptions by many horse powers.

Optimize the page that gets highest traffic as an email signup form

For some websites it is their blog that gets the maximum number of visitors while few others get the maximum traffic on their landing page, contact page or the about us page. Find out the one which gets maximum traffic and optimize it for email signups.

Include an email signup form, a call-to-action, valuable content and a call to action in this page to make sure the visitor doesn’t leave without sharing his email. Buffer, a social media scheduling tool have an email signup box on their blog homepage, the page that gets maximum traffic. OkDork has an email capture on his home page and this is the first thing the visitor notices on the website. Along with it he has added a value element besides the email capture.

Remember to let the people signing up know the number of times they’ll receive your emails. Many people refrain from signing up due to the fear of companies bombarding their inboxes with tons of email.

Include social proof in the email capture box

People are more inclined to share their email ids when there is social proof. It is a mark that the company is authentic and has a solid number of readers.

This can include either the number of people who have already signed up (if it spans to thousands) or including the testimonials from industry influencers or mentioning the major press coverage.

Email capture popups

There are numerous types of pop-ups available in the market that can be set up in a matter of a few seconds. These non-intrusive boxes give a mild nudge to the visitor to provide their emails, many websites have more than one email capture boxes. The most essential point to be kept in mind is to use the correct number of boxes that appear seamlessly integrated with the website, it should not annoy the user.

Incentives in exchange of emails

Ever wondered, why would a person exchange his email id when there is no value proposition for him? The cases in which he’ll share them include – he gets some incentive, beneficial content or something in return that is useful to him. So if your website does not have a blog, yet you want to build a database of loyal subscribers to let them know of any new developments or products then offer a free e-book , a free product trial or a whitepaper in exchange of their emails.

Ramit Sethi the best-selling author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” has an email capture on the landing page of is website wherein in return of the email id the visitor gets his best e-book.

Add an email capture in SlideShare

SlideShare is most frequented by people on-the-go, and receives more than 60 million monthly visits is one platform that can be tapped into to acquire email ids. The hack to get emails via this platform is by adding an email call-to-action in between or at the end of your SlideShare presentation.

Buffer uses this trick by including an email capture in their second-last slide. 

Importing your contacts from LinkedIn

All the while that you were searching for email hacks this one was simply staring at you from your LinkedIn profile. After logging in your LinkedIn account, go to Connections on the top menu. In the connections page, a gear icon appears on the top right corner. Under the “advanced settings” you’ll notice “Export LinkedIn Settings”, click on the type of format that you want and tada, there’s a whole list of email ids. The greater the number of contacts, the longer the list.

The growth hack here is to not bug people with an incessant flow of mails having selling and marketing propositions but to build gradual trust among the audience right from day one. Provide useful content, address audience’s pain points, give free product trials and thereby gain their trust, and then finely sell. In this way you’ll get more sales than ever imagined. And yes email is still immensely effective.

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