Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service

Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service

It often happens that people miss out their important conference either due to low bandwidth, wasn’t able to Skype, or didn’t have the time to download software/plug-ins. Looks small, but the issue is a yet more bigger to be addressed. IIIT-H alumni, Sushant Pandey, understood this problem and has introduced a solution that only needs Chrome and uses a service that runs on the low bandwidth.

Tringgr not only solves the instant conferencing needs across industry but also opens doors for presently booming online businesses in India like ecommerce, online education and live video customer support etc. Face to Face interactions are becoming of utmost important with distributed working environments and Tringgr tries to solve the communication problem by providing first hand browser experience.

Inception of Idea

From India’s perspective, ecommerce has been growing like anything and video\audio support for high value products, interaction with a sales agent from sitting at home, take an in-shop experience from home is what he thinks as the ultimate ecommerce experience. Live Tutoring and online elearning\Test prep programs can get benefited hugely by face to face interactions etc. and this how the idea of Tringgr was born.

What is it All About?

Tringgr is ‘video conferencing on the fly’ product which provides Video Conferences or chats, Audio only conference and chat, group or private text chat, File Transfer features as of now. Its roadmap involves video integration API release, Mobile full support, Screen Sharing, Contact saving & chatting with Facebook contacts from within Tringgr chat.

“Tringgr” has been developed with RTC API called TringgrRTC on top of WebRTC platform and it works on low bandwidths smoothly. Its API is due to be released for other websites to extend Live Audio\Video customer chats support.

“It will work well on lower bandwidths as we have worked on the media server to support it well. With most IT department blocking browser plugin it is clear that there needs to be another way. Tringgr serves that purpose, being designed to be an open standard video and voice communication tool that can be used on any computer with just the requirement of Chrome browser.” says Sushant Pandey.


Where can we use Tringgr?

Tringgr can be used for Live Tutoring, Customer Support, Live Chat Support, Interviews for HR processes, Taking actual Shops online, Proctoring online exams and real-time doubt clearance, Live Reporting using Tringgr Mobile etc.

Features to look into

Tringgr presently provide Video\Voice\Text & File Transfer features along with inviting social friends.

For future,  it will be a free web and mobile platform for hosting personal conferences, voice\video calls, text chat, file transfer, file sync and Tringgr Business will be its paid version for providing Enterprise Communication API, Agent Based Communication API for any\all customer focused businesses like ecommerce, edtech, tourism, matrimony, interviews, telemed, call centers, product support teams etc

In next 2 months it will be introducing a number of new features including TringgrConnectAPI, TringgrAgentAPI, Screen Sharing\Scheduling meeting for non-instant needs too, Video Recording, Native Mobile App.

Market Opportunity Vs Competition

Around corporate communication platform there is good competition already in form of various conventional conference\im systems says Sushant. “But when it comes to provide first hand browser experience within enterprise (for their extranet\intranet sites) Tringgr holds the edge as it fits to various enterprise workflow because part of it without need of any additional plug-in\software… Overall market potential is really huge as we are talking about making any kind of online transactional business Interactive,” he added.

Reaching The Customers

Creating the awareness of the product is the most important task for any new startup, Tringgr too is working to create as much awareness of its product as possible by Participating at conferences & Interacting with businesses. It is also doing a pilot with an edtech startup, where Tringgr is being used as a student interaction platform for group study and collaborative problem solving. Apart from these, it is also involved in Social Media Marketing and in the coming time, it will also be launching its own blog.

Launched in January this year,  Tringgr has already managed to serve 900 conferences off which 500+ are from this month only. And has clocked 3000 minutes of conference till now.

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Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service-Inc42 Media
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Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service-Inc42 Media
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Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service-Inc42 Media
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Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service-Inc42 Media
Tringgr- A Plugin Free Video Conferencing Service-Inc42 Media
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