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Mammoth: A Startup To Manage & Ease Your Online Life

Mammoth: A Startup To Manage & Ease Your Online Life

Before every decision made, there surely will be an enormous number of suggestions taken and a wide run of search on the internet all regarding the specific subject of interest. The approach is reasonable enough considering the requirement for the best inputs from the wisest and unparalleled sources from all corners of the world. But this huge number of diverse inputs strewed over endless number of emails and web pages need genuine assortment and often end up vexing us.

Each person bothered about time and efforts like you, will want to make every moment decisive. Wish there is an easier and more genial way to bring together all the inputs, organize those and derive at the most appropriate result logically?  Things would have definitely been a great deal easier if everything was as clear and brief as a mind-map with an updater.

Well, it’s time to look into Mammoth then. Any subject of concern, let it be about a holiday trip, sport or business advices, could be discussed over Mammoth to a convenient level of intricacy with ease.

Founded by Karan Gupta, Amit Narayanan and Ashish Krishna, Mammoth is the result of efforts of these three guys to make life easier online. People get tired of copy-pasting links into emails and jumping between various websites just to grab what they need, thus there was need of something that solves this problem in a unique way. Mammoth is doing something to solve this problem, thus its boards show the story of your decisions.

How it helps?

Mammoth helps you do more, by being more productive and better organized with all the information you deal with. It does this by bringing all your conversations, your files and everyone involved on the same page.

You just have to double click and select stuff you want to add to the discussion board and simply drag and drop. Pictures, text, links, web clips, mp3s, documents, anything and everything can be added as simply as this. Everyday Mammoth gives back hours of precious time to people all over the world.

Mammoth turns your conversations into results. Here, people add ideas and content on a single collaborative board. Instead of multiple email threads and IMs, and other associated files, links, and other information are scattered across various storage services for a project, you now have a single webpage with a timeline of all content and everyone’s ideas, and it’s easily understandable how things went from start to finish.

Anybody with whom you want to discuss about the topic can be added to the board with the knowledge of their email address. You can always keep updating and just keep the signal discarding the noise. The content is editable just like any normal document with cut, copy paste.  It also comes with a facility to bookmark notes to understand how and why the note was saved. With all this, Mammoth cares at most for your privacy and security. Only the editors who are added by the admin of the board will have access and the authority to make any changes to the board.

Mammoth allows you to tell a better story of your choices by combining content with conversation. Obviously, a chronological boar is easy to read, come back to, and share than wading through multiple emails, folders and storage devices, to put the pieces together. Here, a complete board ends such that it tells the story from start to finish. Who, what, when is all captured and beautifully presented.

Signing up is free and as soon as an account is activated, it gets 5GB of free storage.

Basic premise of Mammoth is when all information is in one place, it’s easier to understand, develop and discuss.

So, what do you think of Mammoth? Share in the comment box  below!

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.