Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj

Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj

Today we are interviewing Brijesh, an undergraduate student of BITS Pilani, noob guitarist, born and brought up on masala dosas from Vidhyarthi Bhawan in Bangalore.

He is the co-founder of TunePatrol, a social music discovery platform, founded by 4 amazing young BITSians. They are passionate about music and are trying to develop and connect a thriving community of independent musicians and their fans in India.Tune Patrol is going to be the platform for indie music.

Mission: To assist more people take up music as a career and give the audience a chance to listen, share and purchase great new music from artists they would have probably not heard of otherwise.


Here are excerpts from interview conducted by

1.Inc42: How would you describe”TunePatrol” in your own words?

Brijesh: is great place to discover indie music and something that everyone should check out before the world ends in a couple of days.

2.Inc42: What motivated you to take this initiative or how did you come up with the idea for-“TunePatrol”? Brijesh:Like all great ideas, it came out of those typical long night conversations with wingies in BITS Pilani. Artists and fans who said they wished there was something like this motivated us more than anything to take this up.

3. Inc42: Why the name “TunePatrol”?

Brijesh:Because anyone on is always searching for awesome tunes.

4.Inc42: What roadblocks did you hit initially? How did you overcome them?

Brijesh: Finding a great tech lead was a big problem, I kinda learnt PHP in between because I was so pissed off and I decided to do it myself, but right after I learnt it Karthik joined us.

5.Inc42: How much has “TunePatrol” evolved since its inception. What is a major change from the day you started up and today?

Brijesh: Haha very. What you see live today as our beta is our 8th version in terms of complete design revamps. We were also called to begin with.One of the first designs I made.


6.Inc42: What is the most crucial thing you have done to grow your business?

Brijesh: Got a great team together.

7.Inc42: What’s the worst business advice you’ve ever received?

Brijesh: You should get a job – My Mom

8.Inc42: What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Brijesh: Hey, I just checked this… and it seems crazy – but here’s the numbers! So ship it, maybe – Yammer Engineering Song

9.Inc42: What is your favourite book/movie of all time?

Brijesh: Book – Simply Fly – Capt. Gopinath’s Biography Movie – The Social Network

10.Inc42: Which inspiring personality past/present would you like to have a dinner conversation with? Why? Brijesh:Paul Graham because he wouldn’t swear as much as Dave McClure who is at #2

11.Inc42: What should an aspiring entrepreneur look for in a mentor ?

Brijesh: His calendar.

The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to mentors is to go after celebrity mentors, while the mentor might be awesome, if he doesn’t have time to give you, that relationship is useless to you.

So it is important to make sure you ask that person upfront if he will be able to spare a couple of hours every 15 days atleast.

12. Inc42: Who are your mentors? What do you think are the most important things that you have learnt from your mentor?

Brijesh: Abhinav Khushraj from BITS Spark has been with us since the beginning, Abhinav introduced the team to the concepts of Lean which is one of the most radical things I’ve learnt. Prajakt Raut is our mentor from the Hatch, and I am pretty sure we have avoided half of our mistakes because of him.

13.Inc42: If you were to start another business, what might it be?

Brijesh: Business intelligence softwares maybe, the current ones are all pretty ugly or are too expensive.

14.Inc42: How would you describe your leadership style?

Brijesh: Jargon free.

15.Inc42: In your opinion, does an entrepreneur need an MBA to be successful? Are you planning to do an MBA in the future?

Brijesh: No.

I am not sure, but if I do it will hopefully be from a school in the US, and it will mostly be for the experience of hanging out with so many smart students from all over the world, I’ve had a similar experience at Pilani with an Indian crowd so a global crowd should be even better.

16.Inc42: Finally, Your advice to young entrepreneurs

Brijesh: Bolo Baba Eric Ries ki! Jai.


If you would like to contact TunePatrol.You can do so at: [email protected]

Link to their Facebook page:

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.

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Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj-Inc42 Media
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Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj-Inc42 Media
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Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj-Inc42 Media
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Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj-Inc42 Media
Making Music With Tune Patrol’s Co-Founder, Brijesh Bharadwaj-Inc42 Media
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