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How ‘FindYogi’ helps you attain ‘Inner Peace’ While Making a Purchase Online

How ‘FindYogi’ helps you attain ‘Inner Peace’ While Making a Purchase Online

Russel Peters was right. We are a nation of cheap bastards and we are proud of it. From the ‘Kitna Deti hai’ to squeezing a toothpaste tube till it screams ‘bloody murder’, we tend to be extremely frugal. Indians are not impulsive buyers. We perform an in-depth research analysis taking into account the depreciation rate, current economic state, salvage value and other sh** before buying anything. Anything!

In the pre-ecommerce era – If a person bought a good and later realized that it was available at a lesser rate elsewhere or a chaeper alternative existed , they would curse themselves for not waiting. The e-commerce era is no different. People get pissed if they find a better or cheaper alternative elsewhere – the typical buyer’s remorse.

This is exactly where FindYogi comes in. They help you avoid making bad decisions while buying Mobiles,Tablets and Laptops! They are currently expanding the categories they offer.

FindYogi was founded by Naman Sarawagi. He describes himself as ‘Chief Gyaanbaazi Officer. Ex-Freecharge. Ex-ZipDial. Ex-Fit, now over-weight. Spoiler of the bachelorhood spirit of the company. Excellent self proclaimed singer/coder. Follows NST(Naman Standard Timezone). Firm believer in quality.’


Team Strength: 9. You can read more about them here.

Currently Funded by: Mr. Raju – Founder of Way2SMS in July 2013.

Vision: Intelligent Comparison of products to assist your buying descisions.

So What’s The Problem They Are Addressing? 

As consumers we hope to buy the best product at the best possible price and at the ideal time. FindYogi makes it easier for us to do exactly that. It saves the consumer the time and effort required to go and ‘research’ about various products. With our short attention spans and aversion to ‘homework’ its a boon.

What We Think:

The User Interface is really good and it was fun comparing products, comparing products based on the FindYogi Index and Feature score to know the Pros and Cons of different products in the market.

Some Features That Caught Our Eye:

FindYogi Index: Rating out of 5, based on Price and features.A higher rating means that the Product provides value for money and is the ideal time to purchase it.


Feature Score: Calculated based on the technical aspects of the product.It rates each product out of 100.

Recent Changes: This gives us a full in-depth analysis of the changes in price of that product by major stores in real time.


Compare Products: At the click of a button you can compare features of multiple devices and figure out easily how each device stands next to the other.


It even provides a counter Argument as to why the other device may be a good Alternative:


Once you have decided on your desired product, FindYogi helps you to pick the Store that is offering it to you at the least price:


SWOT analysis of FindYogi

SWOT analysis is an extremely useful tool to gain insight into how an organisation works and where there is scope for improvement.

We thought we’d try something different this time, so here we go with the SWOT Analysis for FindYogi:

  • Amazing UI and UX
  • Offers unique features like FindYogi Index,Feature score.
  • Real time Price updation.
  • Amazing team, Amazing blog


  • Only 3 categories as of now.
  • No Mobile app(Android/iOS) yet.


  • Looking to enter new markets like books,travel packages,hotel booking comparisons.
  • Make user interaction more by giving users a chance to rate products.


  • Lots of competitors.
  • Customers who do not shop online.

So the next time you want to make a wise decision regarding what to buy and where to buy it from, let FindYogi do it for you!

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