Grayscale – A pan-Indian Student Team providing Services to Legal Professionals

Grayscale – A pan-Indian Student Team providing Services to Legal Professionals

What are law students upto these days- apart from publishing research papers, participating in moot court competitions and parliamentary debates and attending conferences?

Taking control!

This is essentially what Grayscale aims to achieve. A team of enthusiastic and bright law students who are not turned away from taking the unbeaten path have come together to serve the practical needs of legal professionals, and more importantly their own.

Grayscale is the brain-child of Rohan Mukherjee, a student of National Law University, Odisha who is currently acting as the CEO. “After a point a person gets tired of taking up oppotunities, that is when you decide to create opportunities instead”, said Rohan.

Grayscale is an ambitious legal start-up under the aegis of Model Governance Foundation with the support of established and well known professionals as well as students through out the country. “That’s the main idea. The importance of earning your own contacts, instead of depending on others cannot be emphasized enough” said Adhiraj Gupta, the COO of Grayscale.

Grayscale provides legal services in the form of research, case summaries, proof reading and drafting documents for lawyers based on the fact that lawyers can’t avail of interns all through the year and as students, they have access to a wide variety of online resources and libraries from their campuses.


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