wants to make your parties hardcore, the consequence of a drunken night in Bangkok wants to make your parties hardcore, the consequence of a drunken night in Bangkok

Who doesn’t love to chill out with a few drinks after a long tiresome week? Who doesn’t like a nice “hardcore” party on Saturday nights?

However a lot of us have always missed out on those awesome frat parties with some cool games like beer pong you might have seen in many movies. That’s where Eshack comes in.

EShack is India’s first online store for drinking accessories! Eshack wants to bring the X factor in your parties. Now you can throw some of the craziest house and farmhouse parties where you and your guests can now do more than talk.

We got in touch with the founders of Eshack, Arman Sood & Ashwajeet Singh, who are both 3rd Year Law students at University in Jindal, Sonipat. Lets see what the duo had to say about this novel idea.

1. When and how did you guys come up with the idea? eshack logo

We (Arman Sood and my partner Ashwajeet Singh) came up with the idea in our 2nd Year of Law School. We had gone to Bangkok for my father’s 50th Birthday. We were drinking from beer bongs and using a beer pong table and partying hardcore. Its then that it hit us that hardcore house parties and parties were not happening in India due to lack of innovative party accessories and products. We got back to India, skipped our internships and put the start up in place.

2. Did you always want to be an entrepreneur or was this just accidental?

I guess both of us had the entrepreneur in us always. I guess it came out when we started our brainstorming sessions. Ashwajeet had a lot of business acumen and always wanted to work for himself, I on the other hand work well once I set my mind to something. When we started coming up with ideas and learning a whole new world opened up for us.

3. How did you go about bringing the idea to life? Tell us more about the journey so far. 

We skipped our summer internships, which at the time was a decent enough risk. We got our seed funding from our parents hence that was our first sales pitch. We didn’t just ask we convinced and made them believe in our idea. Company registration, logo and trademark and all other legal formalities were easy since we were in the legal field ourselves. The business side took a little longer to grasp. We imported all the products under our own brand name hence we learnt a fair bit about import/export/custom and international negotiation. We out sourced our web development to a freelance web developer and delivery via Fedex. Soon everything fell into place. We have just launched a brand new website and added an awesome collection of Beer and Drinking T-Shirts.

Eshack Founders

4. How has the response been so far?Any interesting or big orders you’d like to share?

The response has been great. Initially we targeted only the end consumer but we realized that there was a greater market to explore with respect to event managers, corporates and bars. Our products are essentially bar and drinking accessories and now even Beer and Drinking T-Shirts and soon we will be expanding to other verticals as well. Two surprising things happened, one we received a fair share of orders from towns like Raipur, Patiala, Rohtak, Panipat and a few bulk deals from Ahmedabad which is supposedly a dry state.

Our largest order has come from PepsiCo for the launch of a new juice brand. Other than that FashionandYou, DesignDeal and Baggittoday have contacted us to retail our products through them and that has been great as well.

5. How has the journey been so far? What challenges have you faced?

The journey has been a very eventful one. We have learn a lot about the e-commerce industry in India, social and digital media marketing as well as the nuances of running an entire set up by ourselves at such a young age. We are now entering the 4th Year of Law School and it is going to get tougher and tougher to balance our studies, lives as well as a full-fledged start up.

6. How have you managed to balance your studies along with is venture? Any advice for young entrepreneurs like you guys?

It has been extremely difficult to balance law school studies in particular with the start up but our professors and friends have been extremely kind and helpful. We divide all the work evenly whether it is studies or business and our particular about schedules and time management. The only advice we have for young entrepreneurs is that they shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge and it is always worthwhile to start when you are in college so you can make your mistakes and learn from them.

7. What are you future/expansion plans? Do you plan to raise any funding? 

We have loads of plans for the future, with such a wonderful response so far, we plan to expand to every single city in India (Presently 12 cities) and may even be going international. We are seeking external funding and are in full hope that out idea clicks with investors who want to take this to a whole new level.

We are looking to soon expand our range of products and also enter into merchandise and events. We want to start our own line of beer/alcohol and party merchandise and then move to Beer Pong competitions in India as we feel there is a huge population who would be interested in it. We are thus on the look out to tie up with a Beer Brand who can work with us to make it a huge success.

eshack website

Based out of  Jalandhar, this online store is fast becoming popular among both college and working class people, whose appetite could not be completely satiated by the limited options of bottles, mugs and pitchers that were available for house and farmhouse parties, till date.

The store just got a revamped new look today, going with a minimalistic feel. So far their collection includes some really cool accessories like Beer Bongs, Beer Pong table, dispensers and some awesome tees. They plan on expanding the collection with more fun products soon.

We wish the duo and their idea the best of luck. Hopefully we’d be invited to some of these hardcore parties they plan to throw in the future 🙂


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