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Want To Increase Productivity? Listen To This Music To Achieve More

Want To Increase Productivity? Listen To This Music To Achieve More

gvk reddy
Keshav Reddy
Keshav Reddy is the founder of  The Indian Brand. 

Every day in my life, I have a long to-do list to accomplish by the end of the day. Most days, I don’t end up finishing them during the day because of distractions around me.

So I end up staying up late or waking up early morning to make sure I have delivered on my promises. Lucky for me, I stumbled on something called [email protected] on Youtube.

First, I thought this neuroscience music will never work on me. Well I was wrong. After consistently listening to [email protected] music, I must admit that my productivity levels have boosted immensely. Here’s 4 reasons why This Sort of Music Helps To Boost Productivity:

I love music while working

But the music that is out these days is filled with lyrics that disturb peace of mind even more! Whenever I decide to listen to House or Trance music instead, I wonder why I am doing work rather than partying like the artists in those songs. [email protected] is neuroscience music that you would typically hear in a spa. This music helps me get into a mood that makes me feel like everything is possible and focus unlike any other way.

Listen to this one to relax and focus:

The science beyond neuroscience music is proven

The official [email protected] website published links on how leading neuroscientists have developed this music and have proven that it positively improves your focus levels by 12-15%. The [email protected] engages your non-focal attention, but does not interfere with the conscious focal attention which will be on the task on hand. This acts as a background but doesn’t get you distracted.

Listen to this upbeat set (if that is what you love)

Music makes us forget about our cellphone!

Today’s world is a cellphone obsessed world, Even i can’t get my hands off my cellphone and this music makes me forget the cell phone. If I don’t listened to this music, I would be checking my phone every few minutes!

Listen to my favorite track

Makes One more productive than ever!

I am not a salesman for [email protected] – as a matter of fact I suggest you to use the free tracks available on youtube first before you subscribe to their website program. As an Indian, this classical instrumental music flows well with me.

Listen to this for a classical feel:

This music has helped me immensely and would love to share it so that this world becomes a more productive and better place 🙂

Tweet me your thoughts @GVKjunior ! Peace out and enjoy the music!

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