A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!

Recently, I met a friend of mine, I would say an NRI friend. He has been living abroad for more than 3 years now and was having a well-paid job. I talked to him few months back and he was very enthusiastic of doing something for his country. He looked highly patriotic to leave his current job and come back to India to serve the countrymen. I was really impressed by the zeal of my friend and supported him in his endeavours. I was very sure that he will come back to India to be a part of country’s growth and he came as well. I was happy for his decision. But all stories don’t have a happy ending. I was shocked to know that he went back in just one week. When I asked him what made him change his mind, his answer was totally shocking to me. He said he could not live in that place when he is having a very stable and lavish life abroad.

This is not only one story. There are different people, one who think a lot and the others who do a lot. He was definitely type 1 only. In my experience of CareerGuide.com, I have met many enthusiastic students who think of changing the world but when asked about their dreams after a month they are back on the Earth. These people although want to do a lot for the country but are unable to leave their stable and settled life for the purpose. Definitely, the one who thinks of changing the system will have to fight with various situations and cannot enjoy a stable life for at least some time. This is one thing that differentiates entrepreneurs and the common man. Entrepreneurs are the doers. They think of changing the system and they jump into the muddle to clear the dirt.

My experience of starting my own journey as an entrepreneur and having met several entrepreneurs, I can claim that there are few things that entrepreneurs live by and which make them the doers.

  1. Ready to live like a miser: All the entrepreneurs face difficult phase of their life during their journey. The most difficult phase is when they have to live on pennies. At times they don’t have money to spend on themselves because they have to invest it in their venture. Their initiative becomes much more than their own existence. This is one feeling that makes them a doer since they understand their own capability of being able to change the world.
  2. Ready to leave lavish life: I have read stories of numerous entrepreneurs who left off their lavish life just for one cause or to bring some change. One of my friend left sold of his luxuries to get funds for his venture and yes, he became successful in no time to attain those luxuries back. Entrepreneurs don’t have a fascination towards material things but have a strong attraction towards betterment of the society.
  3. Ready to explore: Life of an entrepreneur is full of exploration. At times, he is exploring the ways to survive and at others he is exploring ways to make his customers aware of ideas. He always remains an idea explorer. He is ready to find out new ways when one does not work. He is ready to explore how things will be likely to go further even when he does not see any light in his current endeavours.
  4. Enthusiastic about improving systems: The most important and basic quality of an entrepreneur is that they are ready to change the existing systems for a better living of many other people. They think beyond themselves and strive to improve the systems. They are ready to work hard to achieve their dreams.

In a nutshell, I would say, entrepreneurs form a different community who invest themselves for the dreams they have seen for their country and its people. Entrepreneurship is not a part time job, it is neither a full time job, rather it is a lifestyle!

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.

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A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!-Inc42 Media
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A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!-Inc42 Media
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A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!-Inc42 Media
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A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!-Inc42 Media
A True Entrepreneur Is A Doer Not A Dreamer!-Inc42 Media
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