Its time to Blog !!

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that have now gotten in to blogging, and though it seems as if they are jumping on the bandwagon, it is easy to see why they do it. The online world now dominates and when someone says that getting more customers means blogging, then, of course they are all going to start blogging. It is still a little weird seeing blogs attached to websites about butchers, car insurers and funeral homes.

Start your own blog!!

As a business (big or small) you can just jump right in and create a blog. It is quite easy if you do it on your own website. You just create the page and have at it. Creating the blog structure is not too hard, so you can start easily.

Others may not want to risk their own search engine results pages ranking so they start a blog on a new domain. After all, on a new domain they may link back to their company’s website and get a bit of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit from it.

Getting started is not even expensive or difficult. You can go to Google’s “Blogger” content management system and sign up for free. This is a content management system like WordPress and Joomla, but it is run by Google and it has some perks. The first is that they will host the blog for you so that you do not have to pay to put it on the Internet. They will also let you have a free domain name too so long as you follow their rules. This means if you want your own blog then you can do it for free and right now.

Start a lot of blogs

If you like the idea of having one blog linking to your website for a search engine results benefit, then why not try setting up a lot of blogs so that you can send a lot of backlinks to your website.

The only trouble with this idea is that you have to find a way of filling each of your blogs with content every week or every month. This may turn out to be a lot of trouble and may become quite time consuming, but it really depends upon how you handle your numerous blogs.

Screw blogs and use article websites

There is an argument for adding your written content to article sites instead of blogs. Not only do you get to avoid the trouble of building your own blogs, but you are also able to spread around the amount of domains that your website is linked from. Instead of just having links coming from your blog domain, they are going to be coming from every website that you have uploaded on to.

Write your own blogs and post yourself

 This is one way you can go about your blogging. You can write your own blogs and then post them on your websites and you then can guest post on other people’s blogs too and increase your backlink profile.

 Have someone else write and you post

If you do not have time to write posts for your own blogs or for the blogs of other people, you can have someone else write your posts for you and then you post them on the correct domains/blogs when the writer returns.

 You can write and have someone else post

Hiring a writer is the most expensive part of your plan (if it is part of your plan), but you can get around this by writing the posts yourself. If you do not want to spend days begging other blogs’ masters to allow you to guest post, then you can hire a company to post on other people’s blogs and even on your blogs.

Let someone else write and post

You can hand over the whole project to another person or company. They can both write and manage where the posts are placed (be it on your blogs or other people’s). If you find a trustworthy company to work with, then you are going to enjoy the benefits that all their hard work reaps.

Buying a place on another blog

Instead of trying to find people to agree with you during the long and arduous task of guest blogging, you can just ask another blog master if they would accept money in return for adding a blog post by you to their “guest post” section. It certainly takes all the looking out of searching for amenable blog masters.

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Its time to Blog !!-Inc42 Media
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Its time to Blog !!-Inc42 Media
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Its time to Blog !!-Inc42 Media
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Its time to Blog !!-Inc42 Media
Its time to Blog !!-Inc42 Media
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