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What The Three Co-founders Of WittyFeed Wrote To Their Team Will Give You Goosebumps Of Happiness

What The Three Co-founders Of WittyFeed Wrote To Their Team Will Give You Goosebumps Of Happiness

On May 26th, 2016 we marked the beginning of a new chapter at our brand new WittyFeed headquarters. “One good thing leads to another”, is what we have always believed  in and now when the time felt right, we’ve decided to do something. It was crucial that we all knew the importance of bigger things that we have got. It was the need of the hour that every new face in the office knew that what we have today wasn’t an overnight success, it wasn’t just by chance.

When they entered the new office, on every desk there was a neatly folded letter kept inside a white envelope that had their names written on it. It read,

Dear team,

“You are a valuable employee to the company”.

If that is what you think I will begin this letter with, you are 100% mistaken my friend. You are my most valued possession. You are an indispensable part of our family. It’s because of you that we expanded from a 1,800 sq. ft. office space to a 10,000 sq. ft. kingdom. It’s because of you that we three decided to paint all these walls in beautiful different colours. You convinced us to take the most risks we have ever taken. You were the part of the story that has been embossed on the wall that runs from the reception to the three of our’s cabin. You made that story happen, you made this story happen.


The reception desk that stands upright and proud with the glory of trophies that we won in your name seem to sing your wonderful stories.


The small council that has a Hollywood wall with Marilyn Munroe totally stealing the show is in itself a reflection of what you have made out of the one product that the three of us had given our hearts to. You did the same, you gave everything you had to the one thing that we were doing.


WittyFeed was a platform for storytelling, but you made it what it is today. With more than 120 million unique visitors from all across the globe coming to our website every month, you defined, you set the trend and that is the reason that we call it “a modern day blogging platform for photo-stories and listicles, the YouTube of content.”


You made me learn a very crucial lesson this day and everyday. “99.99% isn’t 100%”


And I am forever grateful for your efforts. When we started evrystry and it turned out to be a huge branding failure, that’s when the three of us had lost almost all hopes, you never lost faith in us. We started with 7 of you and by the time it was clear that we had to get it over with evrystry, we were all 25.


When we had to be done with FollowMe247, it was a heartbreak for all of us and this was a failure we couldn’t afford. But with a team like your’s on our side, nothing mattered anymore. The start from here wasn’t scary because we had each other and what else does a start-up need more. While the three of us focussed on building a great team. You guys made the GREAT PRODUCT!


That’s the tree of us, standing ever so stout and happy, looking at you, for you are the reason we have the new WITTYFEED HQ overlooking the best view in town!


And that’s just the half of it. We have a gift for all you. Apart from having your own beautiful share of the view from King’s landing, there are a thing or two you would really love about this new place.


You can have your own piece of the sky . If ideas come to you with a few bean bags in place, you have it. If you feel like a great cup of coffee would get you in the mood, we have a cafeteria 10 times huge than the pantry we had at our old space!


If you want to get that stress relieved at a good game of TT or basket ball, you have it my friend. It’s called the HOUSE OF TULLY and I know that you are all going to be terribly in love with it!


For those of you who would love to meet up informally, we have two such colourful spaces for you!


So go, grab a seat that motivates you, and you can find inspiration on any pillar you want. Literally, like any pillar!


Or some walls for that matter. Fill this wondrous place with your energy. Let these glass walls crack with the uproar of the new champions of the world!



We are all set to let everyone know that from a world class office situated at a two-tier city of India- Indore, WittyFeed is all geared up to rule the world! With a whopping 75% of its traffic coming from US, UK, Canada and Australia-it is now or never. Let our numbers speak for ourselves. All that we have achieved till now is just another zero, let’s rise from here and let these walls know that it’s SOON TO BE THE WORLD’S LARGEST VIRAL CONTENT COMPANY’S OFFICE. Pull up your socks, not that you don’t know already, but “The winter is coming!”

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