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The evolving Tech World: Google Glasses

The evolving Tech World: Google Glasses

Suppose you are walking down the road. You arrive at a crossroad. Puzzled as to which way to go? What if a heads-up display in your glasses shows you the best way to take? Sounds too sci-fi to digest? Well, not quite so…. If the brilliant guys at Google are to be believed, that is. Last month Google unveiled its next big foray into the tech world – Google Glasses at the I/O developer conference in San Francisco along with other new products; including the update to the next version of Android. Not only that, the developers attending the conference had the opportunity to pre-order the Google Glasses Explorer Edition. This will give the developers an opportunity to be involved with the early days of development of the project.

Google Glasses is next big release from the tech giant. It is a wearable frame complete with a transparent screen (LCD or AMOLED) along with a battery hidden inside the frame. It will also feature camera and GPS. Not much is known about the device. There are speculations, however, that it could be a standalone device or it could be connected to your smartphone. Also, it might feature front facing camera with flash. Nothing is completely certain yet. It is seen as Google’s attempt to deliver augmented reality. You can easily summon information of your surroundings to your HUD. It can show you the route to your destination, search for best restaurants as per your taste and show you information regarding the product you want to buy. It will literally deliver everything in a blink!

But to some, it sounds too good to be true. For starters, the most recent prototype’s screen is not transparent. Also, the tech world is buzzing with the belief that the first version of the device would be very modest. A very friendly user interface, coupled with superb voice guided controlling and fast response time feels something straight out of a comic book. But some feel that it is way too early to believe us living a sci-fi dream. It will take another couple of years for Google to roll out the first version of its dreamlike device. The first pair of Google Glasses are estimated to be available for in 2014.

One thing is for sure. With Google displaying its power with futuristic devices, other companies are buzzing with activity. Others are also bringing in their own versions of such devices. This could only mean one thing. It would give a lot of opportunities to developers across the globe to come up with different applications for such devices. There is already a huge market for devices like smartphones and tablets. And there are thousands of companies big and small, rolling out applications for them, which also includes first generation entrepreneurs and many tech-based start-ups. Release of products like Google Glasses will give lots of opportunities to these budding start-ups to grow. This is a welcome sign for the industry as it will open more doors for new ideas and new people in the technical arena and will also provide more avenues for budding entrepreneurs to grow.


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