Do Interns Secretly Rule The Tech World? [Infographic]

Do Interns Secretly Rule The Tech World? [Infographic]

In today’s booming tech environment, leading innovators recognize interns as the future of their companies. That’s why they’re willing to pay them premium compensation, offer them extravagant perks, and let them actually get their hands dirty and work.

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Did you know?

  • 17-year old Bill Gates, once spent a summer running around as a page for the US House of Representatives
  • Steve Jobs began at HP at the age of 12.
  • CEO of Xerox Ursula Burns – the first black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company – worked as a summer intern at Xerox when she was 22
  • Tom Hanks began as an intern at a theatre festival.
  • Vmware pays their interns the best out of all the tech companies.

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