How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture

How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture


93% of professionals use hybrid (Private/Public) cloud computing services to run their business operations

The cloud service industry is supposed to reach $411 Bn by 2020

Cloud computing seems a good option for startups as well as established market players

Cloud computing has rapidly evolved over the years and has proven to be a boon for small entrepreneurs as well as large conglomerates. The term has been nestling in the market for a decade, but it gained acceptance and prominence recently.

Cloud computing hosts all the data, emails, applications and much more in a virtual software like Google Drive and Dropbox, which are quick and safe to access irrespective of time and geographical boundaries.

The Intel Security researched on a sample universe of 1400 IT security professionals. This research report revealed that out of this sample, 93% of professionals use hybrid (Private/Public) cloud computing services to run their business operations. According to Gartner research, the cloud service industry is projected to reach $411 Bn by 2020, which was $260 Bn in 2017.

Cloud computing can be deployed globally within minutes and offer the utmost flexibility, agility and cost-saving IT operations to business for more profitable and seamless growth. This, in turn, is making entrepreneurs switch to cloud computing for carrying out business activities.

The Concept Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the web-based personalized delivery of storage, compute power, servers, applications, database and various IT resources on a pay-per-use business model.

You can use cloud computing to run applications that share bulk images to a million mobile users. You can also run critical corporate operations using the cloud. These services offer prompt and flexible accessibility to cost-effective IT resources.

Cloud computing does not require a massive investment of capital and time in installing multiple hardware. It instead makes entrepreneurs access the required size of computing resources to operate their IT department instantly. It cut-downs infrastructure cost as cloud costing does not require traditional LAN network and hence, can be managed from small spaces as well.

Transition to the cloud may look complicated at first, but it effectively mitigates major long term issues faced by businesses. Here are a few business challenges faced by entrepreneurs that cloud computing is helping to resolve:

Network Upgrades

 Network upgrading is expensive, often disruptive, tedious and troublesome for employees to get familiar with new technology. As everything is hosted on the cloud, cloud computing abolishes the need of going through a network upgrade. The cloud hosting provider looks after the update needs to the backend and offer relevant Microsoft licensing.

It allows you to access to the latest Microsoft Office tools and software on your own pace without an add-on investment. Cloud computing cuts down the IT cycle revolving around upgrading and replacing old versions of the software which impede business operations now and then.


Corporate employees find it tedious to access working data outside their respective workplaces as their job is no more confined to 9 working hours. Businesses need a remote network to access data wherever and whenever required.

Solution – By using cloud telephony solutions, a business can put their entire communication on the cloud and access phone calls anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone.

Not only that but your employees can now efficiently work from home if they could not travel to the office and can deliver ad-hoc work during their vacations. By leveraging the mobility of these services, businesses can also consider hiring freelance/gig economy workers rather than permanent employees for cost-saving. Freelancers from anywhere can access data on cloud computing to work productively. Moreover, you can easily access entire data of all your business centres while sitting at your place on any device.

Scalability And Flexibility

Change is the only constant and businesses are continually changing. They are relocating workplaces, hiring gig workers, adding permanent employees, merging and unmerging on a rapid pace to fulfil their business needs. Conventional on-site networks encumber business operations in such a scenario and demand a massive investment and reinvestment.

With the help of cloud telephony solutions, you neither need to worry about continually changing IT needs nor about switching the real infrastructure. It offers you complete flexibility to upscale and downscale as required. All your business communication can be handled over the cloud without worrying about geographical boundaries.

You can keep and discard data of interns who work for you for the short term. Users of your new office can be added to the cloud network easily to keep entire business data at the same place safely. Cloud is like an elastic string that expands and contracts as per the requirement of your business.

Enhanced Security

IT disasters which include server crash, cybercrime, power outrage, desktop crash, natural calamity, and much more haunt you a big-time due to the vulnerability of losing your data.

Cloud Computing offers maximum relaxation from such data threats by providing a Tier 4 data centre to accumulate bulk data. Tier 4 ensures excellent levels of security measures to safeguard your confidential data. It can be done using a biometric hand scanner or round the clock security staff on-site all 365 days. Other options include advanced power systems or video surveillance. Moreover, cloud computing has data backup solutions to eliminate your fear of losing data.

Cost Control

Vast infrastructure to set-up a conventional networking system, unexpected repair and maintenance cost of equipment and installation cost of hardware and software makes a huge dent in the pocket of entrepreneurs.

Along with intangible benefits, cloud computing is an ideal financial choice too. It considerably diminishes your capital expenditures by eliminating the need for massive hardware and software for set-up. Cloud computing transforms IT costs to a monthly operating cost as well as it safeguards you from the depreciation cost of equipment.

Cloud computing seems a good option for startups as well as established market players as it helps them operate their business with more precision, cost-effectiveness, and uptimes. This system further let them focus more on the business growth and expansion rather than struggling in set-up, running operations and managing resources. Cloud computing is a useful business tool of the modern times that ensures flexibility, promptness and maximum accuracy in business operations.

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How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture-Inc42 Media
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How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture-Inc42 Media
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How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture-Inc42 Media
How Cloud Computing Can Help Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Venture-Inc42 Media
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