How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks

How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks

Its been 6 weeks since pivoted in Late Jan.

In just almost 50 days, i feel so proud to say that we now from this day are having $1k/day in gross sales on our platform.

As you all know, mYwindow simply is a POV sales platform (Sell anything you want, the way you want.) & as it appears our sellers are loving its openness and simplicity. You can also try it here and give you feedback.

With these awesome numbers standing solid with us, now i can say that we are raising an angel round of $200k (or more if it works out), and lot of angels are now showing interest. If you would like to get into this deal, we would love to talk to you, please email at [email protected] & lets negotiate.

How Did we get here?

As most of you know that we started up with this in Jan this year and its pretty awesome number for a startup (at this so early stage) to get this revenues. It obviously was not a easy journey and like every other startup it has been achieved with a lot of hardship and commitment from our awesome team. There were a few constant protocols that we followed:

1. Constant Hustle

No matter what your startup is all about, to get consumers/Customers you have to hustle a lot. Please remember, Nothing goes Viral, if something even does, it will never last.As a startup, we hustle a lot, it took us 5 days of constant work to get our first sale happening on the platform. & i guess that is the reason (the hustle) why we are scaling with this pace.

2. Evangelize the Innovation and Growth:

As a startup this is a must do for you, we did it and worked a big time for us. If you will ever visit and see our team, we are pretty young chaps, starting from the age of even 16years old. Now the 16 to 19yrs old Buds are surely not working for us for money, but because they believe in us. And since they do, they want to spread their belief about our products and how it can help and eventually being our Evangelists, and we are proud to have them as a part of our team.
Also, be it any startup ($0 in value or a $Billion one), they cant ignore the fact that, only loosing can be done alone! So build a team that believes in your product and find the perfect evangelist (If you have a happy customer, then trust me he is a perfect one for you)!

3. Solve a problem that exists:

I know this is one the most repeated terms you must be listening to, but it simply makes no sense in solving a problem that don’t exist. I mean we are at the core of our hearts very sure what problems our target customers are facing and we simply built a product around it to solve it. And as it has turned out, people are loving it.
This is the reason i guess why VC’s or investors keep asking “Are you a Pain killer or a Vitamin”. Now being anyone of it can be a great business but it must address some dedicated market and must solve or prevent something.

P.S. VC’s or investors avoid Lifestyle businesses (On why so, i can cover it in the next post, but if you need to know, just shoot us an email at[email protected] )

4. Inspire people for action:

Most of the time i keep telling this to people on why this is so important. And i can never find an end to its explanation. We believe that the first experience of the customers on the platform should be priceless and he should come back. & to make it amazing, we work a lot on UX and make sure that its so clean and simple that event a 10 year old kid can understand and use it. & when he leaves the platform and if he was happy using it, trust me he will be more than happy to share about it even. (This is how you inspire people through your UX and story telling)

Also, The Future of sales (as we all will know it in the sometime) is when our customers will be our sales man. i.e. a time when our customers starts marketing our product. That’s the future of sales. (P.S this video with Alok Kejriwal on Future of Sales in a web series IIM).

We are pretty happy that we’ve been able to find such consumers who have earned in thousands of dollars through us and are spreading the word in their communities so that even their community becomes a part of this phenomenon.

5. The most important, have Patience and Faith in yourself

As it is rightly said, Give time some time. Things will work out. Its not that we have grown overnight, No, if you must know, we failed once before we pivoted to this product. So Have patience and faith in yourself. Your idea may fail, but i can ensure you that you will never fail.

Its a very awesome saying, “There are no Failures in startups, only Delayed Successes.”

There is a lot more that we did to achieve or reach this figure, but i guess that is what they call it “Product-market Fit”. (build—>Test—>Iterate —>Build and again test.)

About The Author – Veer Mishra

veermishraSimply a Doer. Made things dat excited me & things that make sense to all (Films, PeopleSearch Engine, Self Network, & now a Digital commerce aka @mywindow_me)

You can download mywindow iOS app to sell stuff that you create or sell anything else that you want and leave your feedback 🙂

Also in meantime if you want to connect with mywindow, the best way is tweet to them at @ mywindow_me or email at [email protected].

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How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks-Inc42 Media
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How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks-Inc42 Media
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How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks-Inc42 Media
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How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks-Inc42 Media
How we got Thousands of $$ in Revenue in just 7 Weeks-Inc42 Media
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