First things first, Learn how to sell!

Firstly, and at top, get this straight, You are not The Jordan Belfort, so you cannot be the next him. At best you will reach is to be the number 2 which is obvious …. as Mr. Belfort was a better Jordan than you. Just be the YOU you are.

Now coming to SALES. I strongly believe that the ability to make a sale is something you can surely acquire, but most of the time it comes in your DNA. Somehow implanted in your genes that makes you sell anything you want.

Since i am no expert, I’m not here to teach you the “3 steps to mastery in sales” kind of crap. I’m just going share a story with you, a story with true incidents, true names and happenings, a story of my life and how, surprisingly, it revolves around making sales.

The Story

So back in the late 60’s and the early 70’s, there was a kid, a kid who sold tea at his own tea stall (Chai Thella as we Indian’s say it), after making and serving tea the whole day, he then use to go to the night school for his schooling (Now a Police officer). At the same time there was a girl, a girl born in some remote place of the countryside, girl who helped her family sell Milk across the neighborhood. Two distinguished people, who eventually got married, and some years later i was founded.

Blessed with the best parents of all time and one more thing, i.e. ability sell anything in the DNA. It came from them. I was hardly 7 years old, in school, eating my lunch, when this kid on my next desk asked me if i can give him one Paratha (an Indian bread sometimes stuffed with different stuffing)?

Me on other end said, “Sure my friend, it will cost you just 2rs.”, he gave me 2 rs. and ate the paratha, and i made the first sale of my life. Supply and Demand! Few days later i was selling more paratha’s than my mom could give me in lunch box and i was making 10 to 20 buks a day, as a teenager when your favorite snack just costs 5, you are happy! As i grew in age, i focused a lot on Making sure that what i learn, if it will not help me selling shit, i will not learn it at all. I learned maths and physics and sold my hours making assignments for other for 50buks and hour. I learned Film making and sold our expertise for 100,000 INR per project i did of people. And now 3 years later, i have made a platform that allows you to sell anything to people on the go, try it here!.

Trust me, if there is something that you truly want to do and there is nothing else that holds more importance to you, then everything else that is keeping you from the only thing that matters, is Bullshit, just throw all of away and focus on what you love.

You are a sales person, and the best way you sell now is by calling different peoples on phone or door and trying to pitch them to buy it, or you may be doing a Print Ad about your product or better a Banner ad on the public street. And this is how till date you and your company has been doing sales and trying to profit on it. So now here i am telling you with a finger on the face, that you all are Fucked! That is not how the sales works now, the industry and the people are way fucking mature that you think they are, and your cold calls or pop ups wont buy you customers. You wanna make a sale, make relationship first, then give something they need, then make a sales call, and never back down till that customer is sold.

Sell or get sold!

If you are doing business and if you are not selling anything, trust me the 2 possible outcomes are, either your business will go down or you will be sold. Don’t fuck around and argue with comments like i am not selling anything, or we are selling an experience or other horse shit. You are a Business and that is what you do, you sell shit.! No one care if your product is helpful to them or not, but if you have a great relationship with people, they will buy your shit. Why do you think people buy so bloody expensive Armani’s or Gucci’s or LV’s.. ? It fucking gives them the pleasure. So you want to sell your shoes to people, sell the pleasure, and shoes will sell.

Above all, Sell yourself. Make sure that you don’t rest until you reach the end of that every fucking thing you list on your to do sales target list.

Don’t rest, Be quick, Jerk off, Make out with girls! BUT MAKE A SALE!

About The Author – Veer Mishra

veermishraSimply a Doer. Made things dat excited me & things that make sense to all (Films, PeopleSearch Engine, Self Network, & now a Digital commerce aka @mywindow_me)


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First things first, Learn how to sell!-Inc42 Media
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First things first, Learn how to sell!-Inc42 Media
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First things first, Learn how to sell!-Inc42 Media
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First things first, Learn how to sell!-Inc42 Media
First things first, Learn how to sell!-Inc42 Media
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