Era of Cockroach Startups

Who doesn’t know about the story of ‘The Rabbit and The Tortoise’? The story was told on a number of occasions especially to inculcate some morals and values in us. It primarily teaches us two things. First, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. And second, ‘overconfidence and immaturity is one dangerous mixture’. True and important lessons, yet most of us tend to forget them. And it seems as if the story has to be retold to the entrepreneurship world.

A visible downfall in the economic market of India has suddenly started raising many eyes. Where we were talking about growth and development, everything seems to have come to a complete stop. This gave rise to cockroach startups. They are no new concept but they certainly were neglected for a very long time. And this alternative has given new rays of hope to entrepreneurs to succeed.

The unicorn companies, which, to be specific, are ones with a valuation of one billion dollars or more, have faced an unexpected barrier. These companies are inclined more towards growth, fame, and money. All these three factors need capital. However, investors have now become much more conscious about their money due to the rising economic downfall. The investors are now looking for someone more reliable. This reliability lies within the cockroach startups.

For now, let us focus on three main questions. What, Why, and Who.

What Are Cockroach Startups?

Startups which can adapt easily according to the conditions without causing any damage to the company are known as Cockroach Startups. More specifically, ones who are not dependent on their investors and are much more inclined towards steady growth. They are more like background workers. One who works and patiently waits for their work to reap and payback in the form of fame and money. Cockroach startups may grow slowly but in the process they become mature, gain experience, make mistakes and learn from them. In short, they are ready to become big and handle fame unlike most of the unicorn companies.

Why Cockroach Startups?

Unicorn companies are forced to grow at faster rates which can sometimes lead to many unintelligent or poorly discussed decisions. Investors have now started to acknowledge this simple fact. They are now getting out of unicorns, completely blaming the flawed business plan, short-sighted visions, and rash decisions. The cockroach companies, on the other hand, know how to survive.

Who All Are Cockroach Startups?

Cockroach startups have a very efficient and different approach. They tend to measure and analyze every step. You can be a cockroach startup,

  • If your product is able to survive without external funds and they are in the best condition.
  • If your main concern is your product and not your funds.
  • If you dream big but live in reality. When you try and touch the sky but with your feet firmly on the ground, so that, if you fail, you don’t fall.
  • If you avoid spending. If you save as much as you can, and
  • If you are ready to live up to your vision and dreams.

The unicorn companies have had their share in the market. But now, with the capital almost gone from the market and the economic downfall that followed, their time seems to be over. Therefore, at this point, you need to be like a cockroach. If nothing, start from becoming independent and stop relying on your investors. You will get fame and money in the process of building something new and better, something worth spending on. For now, learn to be patient and live a life of an entrepreneur with great survival skills.

The economic market is like a gambling game; anything can change anytime. So, it is better to learn a few tricks beforehand. Ask yourself that are you even capable of backing up yourself or your startup when needed? If no, go the cockroach way. Be a pro but in a silent and patient way.

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