Don’t Have A New Product Idea? You’re Lucky!

Don’t Have A New Product Idea? You’re Lucky!

Andrew is an in-demand Coach and Speaker focused on helping startup and fast growing company founders launch, fund and grow their startups across the globe.

One of the most often reason I hear from would-be entrepreneurs is that they, QUOTE “Don’t have the right idea yet”.

And this bugs the crap out of me…. Why?

Because some people who would probably make great entrepreneurs, people who could make a real difference and maybe create some jobs etc etc, never do it and stay within their comfort zone.

Now before you fire up your gmail or outlook and shoot me a rude note underscoring the fact that if these people really had what it took, they’d have done it already…or that maybe they’re just fine where they are…

My response to you would be the same as a Professor who publicly shot me down in front of 100 other people after I’d taken him through my thinking…

“That’s great but tell me something I DON’T already know…”

I know not having experienced that passionate “A Ha!” moment, that blinding “Gotta Do This!” entrepreneurial feeling, could be the reason why many potentially great entrepreneurs don’t ever pull the trigger.

But if you know, deep down in your converse shoes, that you really want to start and grow your own business…but you are waiting for that divine inspiration, let me tell you something.

You are lucky!

What’s that?

“…I’m lucky because I haven’t had my billion dollar idea, how so Andrew?…”

Putting aside your disbelief for a few minutes – let me explain to you my thinking…
I’ve had that product creation, falling in love with an idea, A Ha moment more times than I can count…in fact, I often call it my “disease”.

Put me in a bath or a shower, turn up the heat and leave me there to stew for 12 minutes (water works best for me…)…then guaranteed at the end of that 12 minute cooking time, my brain will have come up with a new product or a new online business or some crazy idea to start a new business. (Yes I’m available for product creation brainstorming…providing its in my shower…
I can’t help it…and have no control over it.

But if you are blessed without that painfully creative A.D.D (lucky you…) and you are still waiting for it….STOP!

Humm….what’s that I say?

Yes – Stop looking. And no, I’m not suggesting like your perfect partner, it’ll come when you least expect it – this isn’t a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie…

No, most passionate entrepreneurs start businesses because they either a) can’t help it (me!) or b) because they fall into it by accident.

Most of us get that A Ha moment and can’t help ourselves.

And that’s bad!


Because we are new product or concept or service creators who have an imaginary product…that we need to sell.

Let me give you an example – lets say I have an A Ha moment and imagine a new…umm….type of sunglasses that solves some problem or other.

Great…I’ve invented something. Now what?

Well ultimately I have to find people who want to buy my new sunglasses – (…and thats missing out the oh so many steps of designing, legally protecting, researching, producing, and on…and on…).

Eventually – after many steps and time spent – I have to sell my idea to as many peope as possible.

Thankfully my passion pushes me through all the challenges, obstacles and pain until that point.

And at the end of it (but really its just the beginning…) – people will either buy or not buy…

So that’s the usual way – we’ll call that ‘Scenario A’.
Now lets consider those people who have NOT had that A Ha moment but want to start a company – to be their own boss – to throw off the shackles of office…
…Well, you know what I mean…

These folks aren’t being driven by passion for a new idea. So they can do what geniuses like Eugene Schwartz (Book: Breakthrough Advertising) mentioned.

i.e these people (Scenario B perhaps?) – these people can find a whole bunch of would be customers with a burning need and THEN go find the solution to that need.
In other words the Scenario B folks aren’t product creators in search of a market – instead they can find a market who are desperate and respond to it.

That – my friend – is MUCH easier than Scenario A.
Now you might begin to argue with me here – telling me that the folks in Scenario A wouldn’t have come up with the idea if they hadn’t consciously or subconsciously identified a need.

Maybe that’s true – but there are small needs and big needs and the creative spirit often does not evaluate the market and determine the best market to serve before it grabs you by the briefs and pulls you for the next two years towards delivering that solution.
Now consider those people in Scenario B – they can take that step back and choose where they spend their focused time and resources (time and money).
Scenario B folks can be driven by the head instead of the heart…but one watch out for Scenario B folks.

After evaluating the markets and locking in on the opportunity…GET as Passionate about it as the Scenario A folks…You’ll need that Passion to get through the tough times…and there are always tough times…

If any of this resonates with you – I’d like to help you.

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.

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Don’t Have A New Product Idea? You’re Lucky!-Inc42 Media
Don’t Have A New Product Idea? You’re Lucky!-Inc42 Media
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