Delving Into Innovative Startup Investment Models

Delving Into Innovative Startup Investment Models


In today's rapidly evolving startup ecosystem, new founders and investors must educate themselves about emerging funding models

They open up new opportunities for strategic partnerships and diverse funding sources, fostering innovation and community engagement

By easing legal complexities, these models enable startups to focus on growth and provide adaptable, sustainable options

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and investment, traditional paradigms are being challenged by innovative approaches that prioritise both financial returns and societal impact. 

As startups continue to disrupt industries and redefine markets, investors are exploring novel models to capitalise on emerging opportunities while aligning with their values. 

From impact investing to micro VCs and beyond, this article delves into the diverse range of innovative startup investment models shaping the future of venture capital.


As investors, we see that the iSAFE (India Simple Agreement for Future Equity) model is gaining traction in early stage startup funding due to its numerous advantages. 

Unlike traditional equity financing, which demands extensive legal documentation and negotiations, the iSAFE model employs a standardised agreement, significantly reducing legal complexities and associated costs.

One of the primary challenges in traditional equity financing is setting a company valuation upfront, which can be difficult and contentious for early stage startups. 

The iSAFE model defers this valuation to a future equity financing round, alleviating pressure and minimising conflicts over early stage valuation. This flexibility allows startups to focus on growth without the immediate burden of establishing their worth.

iSAFE investments convert to equity during a future financing round, typically at a discounted rate or subject to a valuation cap, protecting investors and ensuring favourable terms. And unlike convertible notes, which accrue interest, iSAFE agreements do not involve interest payments, simplifying financial calculations and reducing the financial burden on startups.

iSAFE agreements allow founders to retain more control initially, as equity dilution occurs later, during a future financing round. 

Revenue And Outcome-Based Financing

We also see that revenue and outcome-based financing (ROBF) models are increasingly favoured by startup founders due to their adaptability to modern business environments. 

Revenue-based financing (RBF) ties repayments to a portion of a company’s revenue, offering flexibility and lower risk for investors. Meanwhile, outcome-based financing links funding to achieving specific milestones, encouraging sustainable growth, and supporting ventures with social impact goals.

In practice, investors evaluate a startup’s compatibility with ROBF, considering sectors like SaaS and ecommerce known for generating consistent revenue. 

Investors analyse the sustainability and scalability of the business model, assessing past revenue performance and projecting future earnings based on historical data and market conditions. 

Financial statements, including cash flow and profit margins, are scrutinised alongside key performance indicators reflecting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Investors then define the revenue percentage shared and set milestones triggering repayments. A manageable cost structure is essential to allocate sufficient revenue towards repayments, with the founding team’s expertise in executing plans and achieving revenue goals. 

Detailed forecasts and data on customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and operational efficiency metrics provide additional insights into the startup’s potential.

These models provide strategic advantages like non-dilutive capital, aligning investor and entrepreneur interests, and expanding funding opportunities for diverse startups.

Corporate Venturing And Crowdfunding

Moving to the corporate world, strategic corporate venture (SCV) entails established companies investing in startups aligned with their strategic objectives. 

This trend is rising because SCV provides corporations access to cutting-edge technologies and ideas, diversifies their portfolio, and aligns investments with long-term goals.

Investors analyse each startup’s unique value proposition, seeking how it complements their business and provides competitive advantages or market entry. They assess alignment with the corporation’s strategy and potential integration within specific units for co-development.

Unlike traditional VC firms, corporate investors prioritise long-term strategic partnerships, valuing collaboration and leveraging resources for mutual benefit. But the due diligence mirrors traditional VC practices, evaluating technology, market potential, team capabilities, IP, and financials. 

Risks, including market, technology, regulatory, and competition, are scrutinised alongside track record and scalability to ensure sound investment decisions.

On the other hand, we have crowdfunding, encompassing both concept-to-prototype (C2P) and equity crowdfunding, which are increasingly favoured for startup funding for accessibility, diverse funding sources, and market validation potential. 

These platforms offer startups access to a wide array of investors, reducing dependence on single backers. Successful campaigns not only secure funding but also validate market interest, attracting early adopters and fostering community engagement for brand building.

Before launching a crowdfunding campaign, founders must meticulously prepare by crafting a compelling business plan, financial projections, and a persuasive pitch deck to convince investors. 

Successful crowdfunding campaigns necessitate effective marketing strategies, leveraging social media, email marketing, and other channels to generate excitement and attract potential investors. 


Networking plays a crucial role in both concept development and equity crowdfunding. Establishing relationships with mentors, industry experts, and potential investors can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.

In today’s rapidly evolving startup ecosystem, new founders and investors must educate themselves about emerging funding models. By easing legal complexities, these models enable startups to focus on growth and provide adaptable, sustainable options that align the interests of investors and entrepreneurs. 

They open up new opportunities for strategic partnerships and diverse funding sources, fostering innovation and community engagement. As these models continue to develop, they have the potential to unlock unprecedented opportunities, driving a future where entrepreneurship and investment create lasting value. 

Therefore, for the next generation of startups, staying informed about these new avenues and selecting the right model will be essential for success.

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.

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Delving Into Innovative Startup Investment Models-Inc42 Media
Delving Into Innovative Startup Investment Models-Inc42 Media
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