Cracking The Code: How D2C Brands Can Build Highly Profitable Funnels

Cracking The Code: How D2C Brands Can Build Highly Profitable Funnels


Early to mid-stage D2C brands often struggle to create profitable funnels that convert and dominate the market

Founders who generate significant revenue quickly have cracked the code by implementing a proven framework which prioritises providing genuine value to customers

When it comes to D2C, founders need to master the art of creating urgency and leveraging FOMO to captivate and convert customers

1Have you ever wondered how some D2C brands are able to generate crores of revenues in just a few weeks? It seems like magic, but it’s not. They have cracked the code to run money-printing operations, and after helping some of them, today, I want to share what differentiates them.

But first, let’s address the most painful problem faced by early to mid-stage D2C brands. It’s not about having an MBA degree, paying for expensive tools or being a startup ecosystem insider. The real issue is struggling to create profitable funnels that convert and dominate your market. It’s frustrating to pour your time and money into campaigns that fall flat, leaving you with little to show for your efforts.

Let’s delve deeper into this problem. Imagine feeling like an outsider in the tech industry, missing out on lucrative opportunities. Picture yourself working long hours without seeing the results you desire, while others effortlessly earn thousands of dollars in just a fraction of the time. It’s a painful situation, isn’t it?

Blueprint To Building A Profitable Funnel For D2C Brands

But don’t lose hope just yet. We have a detailed solution that will turn your fortunes around. Our proven framework, which we’ve successfully used in over eight unrelated industries, will be your money-making blueprint. Let’s dive into the key elements:

  • Uniqueness: Your offer should be perceived as exclusive and unlike anything else available
  • Fool-proof: Make your offer easy to use, with quick benefits that resonate with your customers
  • No-brainer: Position your offer as a surefire solution that never fails to deliver results
  • Scarcity: Create a sense of limited availability, making people desire what they can’t have
  • Temptation: Make your offer so great that it becomes a life-changing opportunity

By implementing these five elements, you’ll captivate your audience and ignite their desire to take action. But remember, always prioritise providing genuine value and never sell garbage to people. Building a solid reputation is crucial for attracting the best-paying and most rewarding clients.

Be Aggressive About FOMO

Now, let’s talk about urgency. It’s not about fake scarcity or countdown timers; it’s about leveraging F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out). Craft a compelling message that excites your readers, hooks them with a mysterious scenario, emotionally connects with their pain points and introduces the one big thing that will solve their problem. Back it up with testimonials, numbers and benefits, showcasing the predictable success they can achieve.

But here’s the aggressive part: create urgency. Remind your readers that if they don’t take action now, their lives will remain the same, their dreams unfulfilled. Paint a picture of regret and missed opportunities. Then, call them to action, inviting them to seize this life-changing opportunity before someone else does.

Let them know that this one-of-a-kind opportunity must be seized now…

  • Or somebody else will take it from their hands
  • Or the powers that be will rush to fix the loophole that is giving them, the average fellow, the opportunity to enjoy a piece of the pie
  • Don’t allow big players in industries like Big Pharma, nutrition, tech, or others to block your access to what could be a game-changer
  • Don’t believe that only a select few are worthy of this incredible offer. You deserve it too
  • Once you have made them see with their own eyes, this offer has low risk, high reward, and increasingly narrowing scarcity


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Cracking The Code: How D2C Brands Can Build Highly Profitable Funnels-Inc42 Media
Cracking The Code: How D2C Brands Can Build Highly Profitable Funnels-Inc42 Media
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