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What Can Motivate You To Startup ?

What Can Motivate You To Startup ?


Ravi Kikan
Ravi is a Mentor at MentorEdge ( A CIIE- IIM-A initiative), A Knowledge driven enterprise. He is a Growthhacker for Startups, Online Community Builder, Startup Connector and B2B Marketing Expert.

Finding A Solution Or Disrupt The Market…?

Your motivation to startup your new venture or to work for a new venture could be anything…Seriously anything.

It could range from finding an existing gap in the market, finding a new solutions to an existing problem, getting inspired by some amazing thoughts or merely you want to innovate with an amazing set of products.

I have always been intrigued with this question and I popped this up for grabs in the Startup Specialist Group on LinkedIn.

What was your key motivation to join a startup or to build one ?

Amazing set of answers from entrepreneurs, mentors, experts and professionals came in. This article will fall short of space for the amazing insights that came in from these rockstar startup specialists who shared why they wanted to startup or why they wanted to work for startups.

Top of the line Jeremy Lichtman shared this brilliant line which I couldn’t miss 🙂

Personally, I start companies because I suspect that I’m otherwise unemployable…

Seriously though, in a startup one is building new structure from scratch, versus either coping with existing structure – or trying to replace it “in situ” (sort of like working on an engine while it is running).

A good friend and a fellow entrepreneur Carlo Cisco added

Startups are chaotic and volatile and often require long hours but (at least in my experiences) the work you do is meaningful, exciting and you feel like you are really adding value both to your company and society

Ian Tiffenberg added this brilliant line to the whole discussion:

I am someone who enjoys the analysis, the fact-finding and the problem solving. Allied to this, the fact that you are helping people to save money (not always possible, but at the least, keep costs down).

Kim Martin Bannerman added her point of view which I feel is quite right for people who want to work for startups or create their own

You wear a lot of hats inside a start-up, but you also see the benefits of your hard work on a day-to-day basis. You really affect positive change inside your organization (regardless of your job or title). Even if you aren’t a “founder”, the sense of ownership across the entire company is there!

There are some brilliant 200+ responses to this amazing thread which I can go on and on. You may want to have a good look at those amazing responses:

What was your key motivation to join a startup or to build one ?

As a seeker who wants to either work for a startup or someone who wants to startup of his own you might want to go through the thread to get a neutral view and the real motivation for people to startup.

Maybe that matches with yours and may very well be on that road to work for a startup or build one of your own.

So what was motivation to startup or to work for one ?

I invite you to share your views/insights to this thread and feel free to share this thread with someone who may find it useful in your social circle.

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