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Building rocketfood: 3 Entrepreneurial Lessons A Signage Taught Me [Part VI]

Building rocketfood: 3 Entrepreneurial Lessons A Signage Taught Me [Part VI]

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Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh is the founder of rocketfood. He is an internet savvy person and an admirer of Google. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and community building.

I never thought putting up a signage could be a challenging task before our team experienced it first hand. After a great deal of effort when we managed to pull it off, I realized that every walk of your life teaches you something. This incident taught me three most valuable entrepreneurial lessons:

Persistence: The biggest lesson, I learnt is “Never, never, never give up”. Our vendor after, delaying for 4 days finally turned `up with signboard but without anyone to help him put it up and that’s when our whole team took the charge to put the signage up without any experience of doing it.

Everyone, from founders to chefs joined the battle. It is so inspiring to see every individual trying their best to achieve a common goal.

Entrepreneurship is no different. Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”


Team Work: When you have a team in which individuals come out of their comfort zone for the good of the team, success is not not too far away.

None of us had ever put a signage before but we knew that if we all try in a synchronized manner, we could achieve impossible targets. These are the moments when your team is tested, we are glad we passed the test with flying colours.

Hard Work: It takes a lot when you are starting up. You need to push yourself beyond your limits. I never knew I could ride a bike with a 12 foot ladder on the back. When you push yourself you become aware of your unexplored potential. You learn the value of hard work only when you work hard. 

As they say “Entrepreneurship is a way of life”, you learn a lot from daily events and how you translate those lessons makes all the difference.

So go out, move fast and break things, life is too short to be in your comfort zone!

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