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7 Productivity Hacks for Every Entrepreneur

7 Productivity Hacks for Every Entrepreneur

What’s that one thing that is most valuable in life? I would say it is time.

Everyone on this planet has the same 24 hours a day. What distinguishes a successful person from a not so successful one is how effectively and productively they use their 24 hours. Being an entrepreneur takes a tremendous amount of work in the given limited time we have. That being said, it is very essential to have few productive hacks that make you perform better.

Here are some of the productive hacks that might be helpful for every entrepreneur:

1. We are always more focused and productive with limited time

We tend to perform better when we have a constraint on time. So always set yourself deadlines for every task that you do.

2. Schedule the most important things at the beginning of your day

It’s always better to schedule the most important things at the beginning of the day because you tend to be more focused and energized.

3. Stop Multitasking. It’s going to kill your focus

Multitasking is not as cool as it appears to be. It’s better to focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to work on multiple things at a time. It just does not work.

4. Learn to work in iterations

You cannot expect everything to be perfect in the first go. This reminds me of the Facebook’s motto “Doing is better than perfect”.

5. Be very practical and careful while making your “To do list”

Always know that one thing you really need to get done during the day and make sure you finish it off first at any cost. Also, number 2 doesn’t hold the same priority as number  1.

6. Always Take notes

Our brain is very poor at remembering tasks. So always get a reminder for everything. It won’t cost you anything.

7. Stay away from Social Media

Everyone accepts that fact that Social media is one of the biggest distraction at work. So stay away from Social media while doing an important work. This will help you in getting things done in a more effective way.

These are only some productive hacks that might help you. Let us know what are some of the productive hacks that you follow.

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