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10 Mobile Apps that Every Entrepreneur Must Have!

10 Mobile Apps that Every Entrepreneur Must Have!

Being an entrepreneur, you are expected to be always on the go, from meeting clients or keeping track of your employees’ performance to keeping tab on your expenses. Evidently, it gets difficult for an entrepreneur to be effective and efficient in his proceedings. But, thanks to our evolving technology – This goal can be accomplished with the many utility mobile apps that can help you to keep up with your business.

Here’s a look at the mobile apps that can make your life easier:

1.     Dropbox


This is a File-syncing and storage service that lets you access and share files from almost any computer or mobile device. Though the price is a little expensive for the amount of backup space you get, the quality of the service makes it worthwhile.

2.     Evernote


Functional and useful, Evernote is a platform for jotting down your ideas. Each device has a different form factor, and maintaining consistency takes the stress out of to-do lists and project management. This is where this app turns out to be winner. You can use it on your desktop or through a smartphone app.

3.     FreshBooks


This app offers powerful cloud accounting and invoicing with an emphasis on ease of use and customization. A standard FreshBooks subscription gives access to a variety of features like tracking, online invoicing, expense tracking and report creation. FreshBooks is ideal for small businesses with less than 30 users.

 4.    Intuit’s Payroll


Most of the entrepreneurs pay their employees online. Now you can do the same with Intuit’s Payroll that lets you review and approve payments, manage direct deposits, calculate taxes, confirm funds were withdrawn and more. Though the app remains short on features in comparison with its counterparts, it makes up for it with its affordable pricing, simple setup and live tech support by phone.

5.     Highrise


This is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app. The system makes it very easy to manage contacts, schedule tasks, track other team members’ projects and tasks, and follow “deals”. The app is available for iPhone users while, others can access it through their browsers.

6.     Instapaper


The “Instapaper” bills itself as “a simple tool to save Web pages for reading later.” The app lets you can read these articles without a wireless connection—this makes it ideal for commuting home on the subway, or any scenario where you would be unable to connect to the Web. The app can store up to 500 articles.

7.     Square


Wherever you make a sale, you can now accept credit-card payments from your smart phone, Courtesy “Square”. With this app, you can attach free card readers to your phone that let you swipe major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa. The devices correspond with free smartphone apps that automatically send receipts to customers via email.

8.     Hootsuite


Staying current with your social streams—depending on how dedicated you are—can require keeping many, many windows or tabs open simultaneously. Social media dashboard HootSuite has solved that problem nicely, for free. In just a few minutes, you can link to your networks and build a screen that displays up to five of your primary social streams, choosing from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, FourSquare, Google+ and more.

9.     Trello


In a fast-paced world, it is essential to have a top-notch organization tool for every project you’re involved in. There is no better tool that meets this requirement for groups and individuals alike. Trello is the best web-based project management application that organizes your projects into simpler steps.

10.  AwayFind


The idea behind AwayFind’s service is to keep you out of your email inbox by having their service send you urgent messages and things that are worth knowing about. The service will scan your inbox and depending on which notification services you have enabled. So, if your inbox is flooded with hundreds of mails then spending some time with AwayFind’s filters may just be the way to finally take control of your email.

We have tried to cover all the categories of work-line. Let us know in comments below about your experiences with the above mentioned apps and maybe mention some other apps  you might have come across.