India's D2C Rush

As more and more consumer brands go digital to reach customers faster and carve a unique identity, India’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) moment is well and truly here. With thousands of brands competing in the D2C space, will this be the future of India’s retail market?

India’s Product Matrix

How do India’s top product startups ideate, build, test and iterate? This playbook explores through the lens of BYJU’s, Swiggy, BigBasket, Razorpay, Dunzo and ShareChat.

India's Crypto Economy

India's Crypto Economy is a brand-new weekly newsletter (delivered every Thursday) from Inc42 to help you decode the rapidly growing crypto economy and its implications on business, work and life.

We launched this newsletter on the 4th anniversary of our weekly series “Crypto This Week” which completed 190 editions in May, 2021.

India's Digital Lending Reset

India’s digital lending sector is currently in a reset mode as the contracting GDP, moratorium, & Covid-19 has forced companies to adopt digital, review credit models & more. This playbook takes a deep dive into the challenges and new pathways adopted by digital lending startups for survival and scale!

Farming 3.0: India’s Mission Agritech

Once least favoured, agritech is today betted as one of the most resilient sectors. The pandemic has further pushed farmers to leverage technology offered by the startups in the space, thereby making the sector a hotspot of investments. Is India’s agritech on the brink of a permanent transformation or the newly-found success a passing cloud? This playbook explores!

Dissecting India’s Healthtech

India's healthtech startups were growing rapidly even before the pandemic, but Covid-19 has ushered in a new age. This series dives into the trends, startups business models emerging in the wake of Covid-19.

India's Digital Entertainment Hype

“With the rise of the internet, “attention” became the new currency! Covid19, however, has created a paradigm shift in the way we consume content and the way people socialize online. In this playbook, we delve into the new attention economy – new models, emerging players and trends in the world of social media, news apps, audio and video streaming, online games and more.”

India's Electric Future

India is electrifying its vehicles, but is it enough to reach 30% penetration by 2030? Deep dive into what really needs to be done to help India become a 'true' EV nation.

India's Edtech Moment

Technology is upending the traditional ways of teaching and learning. What does the future of education hold?

Union Budget 2021

Every year, we bring the rundown of the Union Budget from the lens of the startup ecosystem through a mix of pre and post budget coverage showcasing the expectations and impact on the ecosystem.

Startup Watchlist 2021

The Inc42’s annual series, Startup Watchlist brings together the list of top growth stage startups to watch out for in 2021 across various industries.

Year End Review 2020

When the world shut down, they survived; when cash flow dried, they raised billions; when deals were few, they got acquired. From exciting launches & mammoth funding to biggest shutdowns, a look back at 2020 through startups’ lens.

Covid19 Tech Impact

Latest updates & innovations, in-depth resources, live webinars and guides to help businesses navigate through the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on India's economy.

The Reset

Time to hit reset and accept the new normal. Our series of in-depth stories and analysis on the changing dynamics of India’s tech landscape in a post-Covid19 world — from how industries and sectors are transforming to new opportunities, evolving consumer behaviour, the new rules of venture capital, M&A and more.

The Crusaders

Latest innovations, jugaad, and initiatives taken by India's tech ecosystem & leaders to help India flatten the curve and navigate through the Covid-19 impact.

The Framework

A new world order requires new frameworks for businesses to operate in a post-Covid19 world. Our series on how companies are adapting to WFH, pivoting their business models, redefining business functions and processes, and more.


Every week, we bring in-depth stories of Indian Soonicorns that are about to enter the much-celebrated Unicorn Club. The series showcases their scaling up & growth journeys, learnings, challenges and how they are going about the future as they enter the unicorn club.

What The Financials

Inc42 unveils and deciphers all the important financial metrics of  Indian startups across industries. Find out revenues, unit economics, profit & loss and all the important financial metrics to judge how the startup will perform in the coming years.

Union Budget 2020

Every year, we bring the rundown of the Union Budget from the lens of the startup ecosystem through a mix of pre and post budget coverage showcasing the expectations and impact on the ecosystem.

Year End Review 2019

From major acquisitions to intense controversies, from exciting startup launches to massive shutdowns, from big fundings to international investments, ‘2019 in Review’ covers it all.

Blockchain This Week

Blockchain applications in different industries is the new frontier for startups & enterprises alike. Every week, Inc42 brings the latest developments from the Indian blockchain industry and how its disrupting industries.

Startup Watchlist

The Inc42’s annual series, Startup Watchlist brings together the list of top growth stage startups to watch out for in 2020 across industries including  — agritech, deeptech, logistics, healthtech, edtech and more.

Startup Policy Rundown

With several new policies and measures being introduced every month for the benefit of the ecosystem and industries, Inc42 summarises all the latest policies and announcements and their impact.


An open tête-à-tête with some of the most influential investors – angels, VCs, corporate funds actively investing in the Indian startup ecosystem on their views about various industries, the ecosystem, and their future plans.

India's D2C Economy

India's D2C Economy is Inc42's brand-new weekly newsletter (delivered every Wednesday). This free newsletter breaks down the biggest stories and trends in Indian ecommerce.

Funding Galore

Every week, more than a dozen startup secure funding and many get acquired. In this weekly series, we bring the latest deals from the Indian startup ecosystem consolidated at a single page.

Electric Vehicles This Week

Inc42 brings the weekly briefing on India's budding electric vehicle industry. Get a rundown of the latest news, innovations, new launches, research & insights on the electric vehicles industry and the global learnings.

Indian Startup Hubs

The series brings a comprehensive overview and deep analysis of startup investments, industrial landscape, prominent startups, and government policies of various startup hubs in India.