Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform

Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform


VWO Will Adopt A Structured Approach To Optimising Conversion Through A/B Testing

SaaS startup Wingify has launched the new version of its Visual Website Optimiser (VWO), which ties together the entire conversion rate optimisation (CRO) process. The connected all-in-one VWO platform took two years to develop and aims to help businesses optimize digital experiences for their visitors by employing a process oriented approach for A/B testing – a digital marketer’s tool for optimizing conversion.

The new VWO platform brings together all capabilities of conversion optimization under one umbrella. The main thought behind the platform is to help companies adopt a structured approach to optimising conversion and visitor experiences. From tracking goals and funnels to conducting user research and finally creating and executing an optimization plan that can be put to test, the platform offers a process oriented approach for the conversion optimisation journey.

In its blogpost, Wingify states that it observed that customers who followed a process for their A/B testing and conversion optimization efforts were 2x more likely to increase their conversion rate, compared to the ones who did only tactical testing.

The New VWO: From A Web Testing Tool to a Conversion Optimisation Platform

For marketers aiming to increase conversion on their websites, running a process oriented A/B testing program is much more than trying to change the colours of buttons on the website. It means

  • Setting a target to increase the conversion rate by a specific percentage and time, and selecting the tests that are most likely to deliver;
  • Generating web testing ideas by doing a thorough research on your audience’s behavior to determine the causes of funnel drop-offs or abandonment;
  • Implementing a proper framework to select tests that have best results;
  • Ensuring that testing velocity remains intact (or increases) week after week.

The process-oriented A/B testing platform looks something like this:

wingify-VWO-conversion optimisation

Optimisation experts across industries also advocate the adoption of a structured approach to web testing and conversion optimization. But lack of resources for doing tests frequently or being overwhelmed by the multiple tools needed to support the entire process makes many customers do A/B testing as an on-and-off thing rather than an integrated process. It is this thought that led Wingify to build a platform that would empower customers to run A/B tests efficiently, all at one place and through one integrated platform.

Paras Chopra, founder and CEO Wingify says, “Like any management discipline, CRO requires proper methods and structures. Ad-hoc initiatives for improvement are better than doing nothing, but what truly differentiates mature organizations is a structured approach to understanding visitor hesitations, fears and pain points and then prioritizing only those optimization ideas and opportunities that have best effort versus reward trade-off.”

The new VWO has thus morphed from being a web testing tool to an integrated conversion optimisation platform. It will now allow consumers track their optimisation journey by getting all key metrics and funnels at one place, analyze and understand visitor actions, record research observations and prioritise testing ideas, put the hypotheses to test, and ultimately deliver the customised content.

wingify-VWO-conversion optimisation

Paras added, “The new platform introduces many new capabilities that didn’t exist in old platform. For example, now in VWO you can track your entire funnel and dropoffs, we’ve introduced form analytics and session recordings to analyze user behavior. Plus we have also introduced a planning and prioritization component so you and your team can decide which improvement ideas to pursue next.”

Cracking The Optimisation Maze

But where does it score over other players offering A/B testing (Zarget, Hotjar, to name a few)?

VWO aims to differentiate itself from other optimisation players offering A/B testing through the platform’s seamless connectedness. The integrated and structured approach is aiming to enable users to better focus on their optimisation efforts of key business goals.

Explains Paras, “Right now many of these tech capabilities are spread between different tools. So a marketer has to juggle between these different tools to do conversion optimization. Plus because these capabilities exist in separate tools, the advantages of interconnectedness aren’t there. VWO combines all these capabilities in one platform so all information about visitors plus your improvement ideas. Added to that your tests are these in one platform v/s being in separate tools (like Hotjar, Google Spreadsheets, Zarget, etc.)”

While new VWO customers will be able to access the platform in the VWO application as soon as they sign up for an account, existing customers are being offered a one-month evaluation period, where they can try and evaluate the new capabilities while using their current plan in VWO. VWO has conducted beta tests with companies such as Domino’s, Ubisoft, and Lazada.

Founded in 2010 by Paras Chopra, Wingify’s flagship product, VWO has helped more than 5,000+ brands across the globe to run over 600,000 experiments till date to analyse web activity and increase conversions. The VWO is such a hit with the foreign audience that 99% of its customer base is outside India. Boasting a $18 Mn ARR, the bootstrapped startup’s global customer base includes brands like Vodafone, Samsung, Toyota, and eBay.

Besides VWO, it also launched PushCrew , a product that  enables websites to send push notifications to their visitors, helping them build in-time and contextual connect with their users in December 2015.

A recent industry report by eConsultancy revealed that over 50% of companies across the globe are looking at conversion rate optimisation as crucial to their overall digital marketing strategies. The new VWO from Wingify aims to leverage this growing need of digital marketers.

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Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform-Inc42 Media
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Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform-Inc42 Media
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Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform-Inc42 Media
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Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform-Inc42 Media
Wingify Launches New Version Of VWO; Offers A Connected All-In-One Conversion Optimisation Platform-Inc42 Media
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