On February 8 2014, Dong Nguyen, the creator of #FlappyBird, a game which was holding number one position both on iOS and Android, declared that he is taking the game down.

Post this tweet, the news went viral with all the leading media houses picking it, analysing and reporting it in their own style. Everyone was keen to know that what suddenly made Dong come up with such a thought. Even Nguyen himself denied selling the game, only thing he said was he couldn’t take more.

The fans of the game were not too happy and Twitter was abuzz with mixed emotions. We gathered a few tweets here which describe how people reacted to it.

According to a report by Forbes, Dong’s Twitter fan following increased by 45,000 followers since he tweeted about taking the game down. Also the reviews of the game skyrocketed after the announcement.

Though no one is sure that why one of the most famous mobile games is being shut down, but I am sure that the negative publicity coupled with the right media attention has brought Dong the fame he was fading away from.

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