It is everyone’s dream job to work at Google.

Not only was it named as the best company to work for, the company also offers a lot of awesome free and exciting stuff for their employees.

Talk about free food, healthy gourmet meals, free subsidized massages, free haircut, free laundry, dry cleaning, medical, dental checkups and a lot more.

Google also has one of the highest average salaries in the tech industry.

All of these reasons make it no surprise that Google has been attracting a lot of employees. The company gets over 2 million applicants every year.

But, what does it really take to get a job at Google? How tough is the hiring process? What kind of employees are they looking for?

If you want to land a job at Google or if you are just curious about their hiring process, check out this infographic from You may be surprised at some of the facts you will learn.


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