Startup Mahakumbh: Startups Supported By MeitY Startup Hub Showcase Their Innovations

Startup Mahakumbh: Startups Supported By MeitY Startup Hub Showcase Their Innovations


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is facilitating a range of innovation and IPR-related activities across the country towards expanding this startup ecosystem

MeitY Startup Hub initiated the TIDE 2.0 scheme in 2019 with an outlay of INR 264.62 Cr over the next five years, while its SAMRIDH scheme aims to support 300 startups

At the recently-held Startup Mahakumbh, 40 startups supported by MeitY got an opportunity to showcase their innovative offerings

India has close to 1.2 Lakh DPIIT_registered startups and is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. However, around 50% of the startups fail by the fourth year of their inception. The key reason for the failure of these startups is not faulty offerings, but their failure to improve the product through constant innovation and continuous feedback, lack of funding at the right time, and limited knowledge of user perception of their product. 

With an aim to further increase the number of startups in the country and handhold first-time founders, the Indian government is aggressively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. A key role in this is being played by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), which is facilitating a range of innovation and intellectual property rights (IPR)-related activities across the country to further expand the startup ecosystem.

The ministry is carrying forward its initiatives via the MeitY Startup Hub. The MSH launched the TIDE 2.0 scheme in 2019 with an outlay of INR 264.62 Cr over the next five years. Under the scheme, it extends financial and technical support to institutes of higher learning and premier R&D organisations dedicated to supporting ICT (Information and Communication Technology) startups utilising emerging technologies.

On the other hand, it launched the SAMRIDH (Startup Accelerator of MeitY for Product Innovation, Development and Growth) scheme to provide technical and financial support to early-stage startups and help them bring their products to the market and scale their businesses. The scheme aims to support 300 startups in cohort sizes of 10-15 each through existing and future accelerators. 

The recently-held Startup Mahakumbh, a first-of-its-kind event which brought together startups, investors, incubators, accelerators and industry leaders from several sectors under one roof, gave MeitY-supported startups an opportunity to showcase their offerings. About 40 Meity-supported startups and institutions exhibited their innovative solutions at the three-day event.

1. Aaiena

Founded in 2019 by Sakshi Chhapolia, Aaiena is a B2B2C fashiontech brand. It provides fit and size recommendations with its deeptech AI product. It promises lower return rates and enhanced profitability with its solution.

2. Aaizel International Technologies

Founded in 2023 by Krishan Kumar Singh and Anju Bala, the startup specialises in designing, manufacturing and developing advanced platforms across sectors like AI, ML, weather analytics and cybersecurity. Its platforms cater to various industries, including meteorology, defence, agriculture and more.

3. Abhaya Information

Founded in 2007 by Tarak Nagaraj, it is a medical analytics startup that aims to accurately analyse patient’s health and provide ‘Made in India’ devices to the world. It builds IoT-based medical devices to enable data-driven decision-making.

4. Adiabatic Technologies

Founded by Darshan Meher, Saurabh Gawali, and Chandrashekhar Dhangar in 2021, Adiabatic Technologies manufactures high-performance battery solutions for various industries. It claims that its batteries have 10X less degradation and an intelligent cooling system.

5. Aeidth

Founded in 2020 by Raja Sharma, Rajat Yadav, and Peeyush Kumar, Aedith facilitates public and private charging of EVs using cloud-integrated BMS. With a mobile app for Apple and Android users, it helps locate the nearest charging spot without any hassle.

6. Air Bharath TM (Eresha Technology Innovators)

Founded in 2022 by Pragati Srivastava and Capt. Tarun Jawa, the startup leverages technology 4.0 to enhance employee training and elevate safety standards in the aviation industry. It aims to digitally simulate the training experience of aviators to enable them to excel in their roles.

7. Alien Innovations

Founded in 2022 by T Ravi Kiran and G Rajkishan, Alien Innovations makes wearable devices for visually impaired people. These devices can read for them, help them navigate obstacles freely and spot the people and objects in their surroundings, making them self-dependent.

8. Arraykart

Founded in 2021 by Arun Gupta and Vivek Gupta, Arraykart is a quick commerce platform for agri inputs that delivers the products in tier-II, III, and IV cities and villages across western Uttar Pradesh. With a 24-hour delivery model, it meets the immediate demand of small businesses and reduces their dependency on inventory.

9. AIkenist Technologies

Founded in 2019 by Ashwin Amarapur, AIkenist is a healthtech startup designing products to enhance end-to-end patient experience and optimise the utilisation of medical equipment. It integrates AI tools to achieve faster scanning and supreme image quality in radiology equipment.

10. Backyard Creators

Founded in 2020 by Lakshmanan R and Raman R, the startup aims to provide dedicated affordable healthcare solutions. Its flagship product ‘Impulse’ is an external ear device designed to restore hearing for congenital hearing loss.

11. Bariflo Labs

Founded in 2018 by Mrityunjay Sahu and Anudhyan Mishra, Bariflo Labs aims to develop sustainable technology and processes for aquaculture farming by solving critical water and disease issues, benefitting traditional to institutional farming. It is an industry 4.0 compliant startup and has developed water body management systems based on fluid dynamics, IoT, robotics and AI for aquafarm and urban waterbody management.

12. Blackfrog Tech

Founded in 2015 by Mayur U. Shetty and Donson D Souza, Blackfrog Tech has developed Emvólio – a patented rapid cooling technology for safe last-mile transport of vaccines, insulin, breast milk, blood serums, medications & specimens with minimal thermal shock. The product is eco-friendly and compliant with IEC 60601 medical device standards.

13. C-DAC Mumbai (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing)

It is the premier R&D institution of MeitY. Originally established to research and assemble high-performance computers, the research of C-DAC now includes grid computing, cloud computing, embedded systems and more.

14. CollabKart

Founded in 2023, CollabKart is an initiative from the students of IIT Roorkee. It aims to disrupt the marketing industry by using AI for marketing campaigns.

15. EmpFly

Founded in 2021 by Basudha Shrivastav, K Manoj Kumar, and Nayeem Uddin, EmpFly allows corpororates to manage enterprise software in access management, travel and expense management, attendance management, work from home (WFH) management and visitor management hassle-free in one place with its comprehensive SaaS-based multisource and multibusiness solution and IoT control device. Its business solutions are built in accordance with specific industries and constructed for the cloud.

16. EnthuZiastic

Founded in 2020 by Vinti Maheshwari and Pratik Khadolya, EnthuZiastic offers academic and nonacademic live interactive classes for all age groups. It aims to bridge the gap between learners and teachers with after-school programmes, school tie-ups, reskilling programmes, and corporate training.

17. Fishmongers

Founded in 2018 by Vivek Saha, Fishmongers offers 24*7 doorstep delivery of seafood and other meat products in Bengaluru and Pune. The startup claims its products are fresh, hygienic, chemical-free, and natural.

18. FretBox

Founded by Ashish Gupta, Bishnu Sahoo, Pranjul Gupta, and Sidharth Kaul in 2020, FretBox is a virtual assistance platform for hostels and serviced apartments. It offers smart solutions in facilities and security management and assists clients in upgrading their rental properties.

19. Fruitfal Technologies

Founded in 2018 by Subir Sharma, Viresh Prashar, and Abhishek Mandingi, Fruitfal is a predictive AI-demand forecasting agri-sourcing platform for fresh and processed products. With advanced cloud and mobile technologies, it aims to streamline the fragmented agri-value chains to provide fresh product sourcing.

20. GoPillz

Founded  in 2022 by Manisha Soin, GoPillz helps care providers reach patients and navigate disease management in a scalable and cost-effective manner. It uses conversational AI to talk to patients in a two-way human-like manner.

21. Hindomain Technologies (HindXR)

Founded in 2022 by Aditya Walia, Ashish Shetty, and Ved Prakash, HindXR designs and develops simulation-based content tailored for skill enhancement, especially for farmers worldwide. It goes beyond traditional education and instils practical skills for real-world applications.

22. Inertia Labs (Sristan Technologies)

Founded in 2023 by Nandkumar Yerandkar, Soham Yerandkar, and Arvind Singh, the Thane-based deeptech startup aims to redefine electric motors with its cleantech electric motor technology.

23. Innovate Labs

Founded in 2022 by Atul Marwaha and Krittika Marwaha, Innovate Labs leverages virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to solve business challenges in the industrial and educational sectors. For instance, its Factory ViewAR solution allows users to integrate live IoT data into augmented reality and bring the entire digital twin factory concept to reality.

24. IrinAI

Founded in 2022 by Nishant Anshul, IrinAI employs AI to improve sales-enabling functions of a company, such as marketing, operations, and customer support. With a SaaS-based offering for marketing, it improves marketing campaigns, loyalty programmes, and customer experience with text and voice capability.

25.  Indigenous Energy Storage Technologies (Indi Energy)

Founded by Akash Soni, Dr Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Dr Asit Sahoo, and Dr Nagesh Kumar in 2019, it is an energy storage startup involved in developing and commercialising sodium-ion batteries and their components, such as hard carbon, sodium-ion cathode, sodium-ion electrolyte and more. Its batteries are cost-effective and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

26. Janitri Innovations

Founded in 2016 by Arun Agarwal, the Shark Tank-featured startup offers medical-grade foetal, maternal and newborn monitoring solutions for hospitals or homes. It claims to have catered to 600+ hospitals, trained 1.5K+ workers, monitored 1 Lakh+ mothers and saved 8K+ lives.

27. Labellerr

Founded in 2018 by Puneet Jindal, Sumit Singh, and Neeru Gupta, Labellerr’s data labelling engine uses automated annotation, advanced analytics and smart QA to process millions of images and thousands of hours of videos in just a few weeks. It offers 14-day free pilots without any minimum data commitment.

28. Law Seva

Founded in 2020 by Saurabh Bharadwaj and Janki, Law Seva’s ‘CA Cloud Desk’ software is designed to transform the way individual advocates, CA firms, and legal professionals manage their day-to-day operations. The platform amalgamates multiple features to improve efficiency.

29.  Lawyered

Founded in 2017 by Ashish Bhatia, Himanshu Gupta, Raghav Shekhar, and Shashank Tiwari, Lawyered claims to be India’s first legal advisory platform built exclusively for startups. Startups can book proposals from leading legal advisors or book zero cost consultations.

30. LiaPlus AI

Founded in 2023 by Shailesh Jaiswal and Smridhi Seth, LiaPlus AI provides AI support to engage with a company’s users, generate leads, handle customer support and more. It claims to attend 5K calls per hour in 18 languages, with zero waiting time and human-like emotions.

31. Nawgati

Founded in 2019 by Vaibhav Kaushik, Aryan Sisodia, and Aalaap Nair, Noida-based AI-powered platform Nawgati offers real-time updates on wait times and congestion at fuel stations. It helps fuel stations and consumers plan and make informed decisions, saving time and money.

32. OneStack

Founded in 2021 by Amit Kapoor and Vishal Gupta, Mumbai-based BaaS (banking as a service) startup OneStack is a technology service provider that helps cooperative banks and credit societies enhance their digital capabilities. It has developed easy-to-use APIs to offer a wide range of core banking solutions, enabling financial institutions of all sizes to provide top-end services in sync with evolving requirements.

33. Pradivya Software (WUS Ap)

Founded in 2020 by Prasoon Sharma, Divya Sharma, and Ashwani Singh, WUS Ap is building a digital community for workers and trade unions. It helps workers get a respectable and worthy life through grievance redressal, micro-financing, skill development, providing them expert-level advice, and more.

34. Ripple Healthcare

Founded by Kaushal Kothari and Prashant Chauhan in 2021, Ripple Healthcare aims to increase awareness among elderly and their loved ones about their fall risk. It provides personalised interventions to reduce this risk and empowers them to be more active and independent.

35. Shiftz

Founded in 2023 by Rachit Mathur and Pranav Kapur, Shiftz aims to solve the staffing issues in the hospitality industry related to high attrition and lack of consistent talent. With an AI-enabled discovery engine, it helps companies find the most relevant on-demand workers and each profile undergoes rigorous background check and verification.

36. SilverGenie

Founded in 2020 by Priya Sarah, Cheeran Joseph, Poulomi Bhattacharya, and Siddhartha Bhattacharya, SilverGenie aims to enable senior citizens to lead a fuller, healthy and independent life by helping them navigate the Indian healthcare ecosystem easily and providing continuous support to improve their health outcomes. From doctors, counsellors, nutritionists and fitness instructors to diagnostic services and medical equipment support, a dedicated Genie can help connect seniors to everything they need.

37. SusTech Innovations

Founded in 2021 by Vijaya Kumari Kakarla, Madhavi Jayalakshmi Maganti, and Luhith Prudhvi Makineni, SusTech aims to offer solutions to customers across multiple industry verticals to help meet their energy efficiency goals. It focusses on electrical energy.

38. TesQuirel

Founded in 2018 by Srilakshmi Krishnamurthy, Renu Aggarwal, and Prasad Jwalapuram, TesQuirel’s solution slashes the time required for a company’s software functional quality assurance by generating test cases, test scenarios and test data automatically based on functional requirements. The generated test cases are optimised for a business’ requirement based on criticality, priority, probability of occurrence and other parameters while maintaining traceability.

39. UNINO Healthcare

Founded in 2016 by Harshini Zaveri and Chiranjit Zaveri, UNINO aims to bring in new emerging technologies in the biomedical industry at an affordable cost to the masses. It offers end-to-end technology design strategy, research, concept, development, prototyping, production management and launch support.

40. Waferchips Techno Solutions

Founded in 2015 by Sonia Mohandas and Archu Vijay, the startup aims to deliver socially relevant and cost-effective health solutions. Its product ‘Biocalculus’ is a single-lead, wireless and lightweight ambulatory cardiac monitor.

Note: The above list is not a ranking of any kind. The names have been organised in  alphabetical order. 

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.

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Startup Mahakumbh: Startups Supported By MeitY Startup Hub Showcase Their Innovations-Inc42 Media
Startup Mahakumbh: Startups Supported By MeitY Startup Hub Showcase Their Innovations-Inc42 Media
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