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Entrepreneurs, Use These Pickup Lines To Entice Your VC Investor This Year

Entrepreneurs, Use These Pickup Lines To Entice Your VC Investor This Year

Entrepreneurs feel a bit nervous when approaching venture capitalists. Everyone dislikes rejections, so always work on your pick up lines creatives till it’s perfected for a sustainable conversation. As per Wikipedia, a pick-up line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pick-up lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners. They are most commonly used by men who pick up women.

But here we are talking about how entrepreneurs can engage with venture capital investors to get them interested in conversations. While most of the investors are approachable & open for conversations but it’s difficult to get the right attention, time slots to explain the idea at length. A good ice breaker can help entrepreneurs make a dazzling first impression dazzle. It can turn that first tête-à-tête into a potential investment into the company.

What topics would interest a VC investor is what one needs to script before approaching one. To sound brilliant get into the problem, market opportunity that you are trying to address, or the technology, team behind the work you do. Do not use mundane lines like “What are you looking at investment right now?” or “Where are you along your fund journey?” it will make them walk away.


While cognitive computing, big data analytics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, sensors and mapping technologies are now commodity hygiene required for all the new ideas. Here are the list of few interesting ideas which will have a VC’s attention.

15 Pickup Lines To Get VC Attention

  • We provide an alternative payment network to the banking system using Blockchain-based digital currencies for businesses to conduct cashless transactions.
  • We transform traditional interior design to the digital & mobile by helping connect end customers and professional designers. We provide them with all the technology tools and platforms to simplify the execution of the same.
  • We deliver entertainment on mobile for millennials in bite-sized viral messages, chat-style content, or let users write their own stories.
  • We integrate chatbot-based conversational systems for large corporations in the BFSI space with existing enterprise systems being deployed for automating customer-facing repeatable tasks.
  • We provide smart solutions to convert home objects into interactive tools with the help of voice driven interfaces in order to make homes safe and the management of home appliance devices simple.
  • We have innovated robots for personal and home use which looks and feel like humans. They impact the everyday lives of consumers and are designed to live with people.
  • We are transforming the reverse logistics space with the use of technology platform for helping sellers liquidate electronic gadgets and computer devices in the used, opened, and distressed inventory space, by connecting them with buyers.
  • We provide white labelled plug and play components for customer engagement and retention like wallet, rewards network to increase customer loyalty.
  • We feed in location technology and meta data for autonomous machines like drones, cars so that they can precisely reach the exact building, floor or even the door of the consumer, if required.
  • We help doctors with the continuous monitoring of health with predictive algorithms, and data inputs from multiple devices, especially in critical care situations. We build, manage and curate the paid network of the community.
  • We help users invest, save, borrow, remit money through mobile, using technology recommendation and backend integration, partnering with multiple service providers for continuous churn to optimise returns and costs.
  • We have created a platform to buy experts and professionals for tasks through a curated community network, making the process simple using technology, very similar to buying goods online through an  ecommerce site.
  • We sell long-term subscription, club model for exclusive avant-garde entertainment, luxury hospitality, shopping experiences, personalised concierge, gourmet food, organic groceries, chemical-free cosmetics where buyers are able to engage with real humans who are empowered by technology for servicing these elite buyers.
  • We design the industry gold standard for services to provide insights for brand management and reputations based on ratings and reviews from customers on the basis of their SLA to help the brand achieve sales acceleration.
  • We are an enterprise SaaS company with a monthly revenue run rate of 100K and are having an unfair advantage to charge premium, due to our IP.

You can design your own custom pickup line for venture capital investor with below technique

We offer ( insert product/ service) to a ( insert name/type of customer) so that they will be able to (insert the benefit/value to the customer).

These pickup lines help kick off conversations. They are an important starting point, the first opportunity to engage venture capitalists and begin to grow connection for investments. Founders, market size opportunity for the startup is a very important aspect when it comes to investment, besides the above-mentioned sectors of interest in 2017.

 [This post by Sanjay Mehta first appeared on LinkedIn and has been reproduced with permission.]
[Note: This article is part of The Junction Series. Sanjay Mehta will be speaking at “The Junction” in Jaipur in January 2017. Get a deep dive on entrepreneurial tricks of the trade, angel investing and more with him. Learn more about The Junction here!]


Sanjay Mehta

Founder and Partner at 100X.VC and Early Stage Investor

Sanjay Mehta is a venture investor, founder and partner at 100X.VC, India's first fund to invest in early-stage startups using iSAFE - India SAFE Notes and aims to invest in 100 startups in a year. He also runs family office investments through a proprietary fund called Mehta Ventures.
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