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Meet The 19 Startups Selected By Chiratae Ventures For Innovators Programme

Meet The 19 Startups Selected By Chiratae Ventures For Innovators Programme

The venture capital firm claimed that over the past six editions, it has partnered with 14 companies

The selected 19 startups come from consumer tech, software, health tech, deeptech and fintech

It focuses on early-stage startups and has close to 95 ventures in its portfolio, including the likes of Nestaway, Myntra and Bounce

Bengaluru-headquartered venture capital firm Chiratae Ventures has revealed the names of 19 startups to incubate in its seventh edition of Innovators Programme which aims to support seed and early-stage high-impact startups.

The company claimed that over the past six editions of the program, it has partnered with 14 companies and since inception, it has invested over $125 Mn in 50 seed investments.

The 5-week program is focused on key aspects in the growth of startups including market analysis, team building and culture, technology, product, market entry and expansion and fundraising, the company said in a release.

The selected 19 startups come from a wide range of industries, including consumer tech, software, health tech, deeptech, and fintech. They are – AyuRythm, Inspektlabs, Quollab, Euphotic Labs Pvt Ltd (Nosh), Chainflux, VogueMe Technologies Pvt Ltd (, Code Test Pvt Ltd (CodeTest), PhySarum, Vyorius Drones LLP (Vyorius), Zealth,, Ai Health Highway India Pvt Ltd (AiSteth), Rightbot Private Limited, Retail Pulse, Mowito, Whrrl, Escrowpay, Insurance Samadhan and Ark Neo Finance.


Founders: Ramanath Padmanabhan, Abhilesh Gupta and Sandeep Acharya 

Founded in: 2019

Sector: Consumer tech

AyuRythm is a digital personalised wellness solution based on the principles of Ayurveda. The Bengaluru startup is using technology to make Ayurveda easily accessible and personalised to people. 


Founders: Devesh Trivedi 

Founded in: 2018 

Sector: Consumer tech

Inspektlabs is an Inspection-as-a-Service software company that automates inspections of physical items with photos and videos.


Founders: Arun Subramanian & Shrikant Shelke

Founded in: 2020

Sector: Consumer tech

Quollab helps in upskilling college students where they can collaborate with industry professionals and learn-by-doing.

Euphotic Labs Pvt Ltd (Nosh)

 Founders:  Yatin Varachhia

 Founded in: 2018


Euphotic Labs is an early-stage startup that is backed by SINE IITB, IISc and IKP EDEN. It has developed an autonomous cooking robot, Nosh which selects the dish, load the ingredients and command it to cook.


 Founders: Abhinav Ramesh

 Founded in: 2018

 Sector: Fintech

Chainflux is an end-to-end blockchain project development company that helps build efficient, agile, and trust-based businesses.

VogueMe Technologies Pvt Ltd (

 Founders: Vinayak Shrivastav, Alok Patil, and Saket Dandotia  

 Founded in: 2016


TOCH is an AI platform that can auto-detect people, objects, scenes, emotions and activities across any video content and tag it with relevant information.

Code Test Pvt Ltd (CodeTest)

 Founders: Uday Kumar 

 Founded in: 2020


CodeTest evaluates candidates’ skills with online technical tests across Software Engineering and DevOps.


Founders-Gaurav Aithmia

Founded In: 2020

Sector:Enterprise tech

PhySarum is a no-code platform for creation, collaboration, deployment & complete lifecycle management of AI application

Vyorius Drones LLP (Vyorius) 

 Founders:  Pankaj Kumar, Nishant Singh Rana and Amit Kumar Singh

 Founded in:2018 

 Sector: Healthtech

Vyorius is an aerial last-mile delivery service for healthcare facilities to penetrate into remote inaccessible areas in order to provide time-bound medical emergency response.


 Founders: Monika Mehta, Dheeraj Mundhra  

 Founded in: 2020

 Sector: Healthtech

Zealth is powered by artificial intelligence that provides a one-stop solution for real-time remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients, including vitals and patient-reported symptoms. 

 Founders:Ankit Malhotra  

 Founded in: 2020

 Sector:Healthtech is a peer to peer platform that helps people to connect with others like them, who have been through the same journey and seek support.

Ai Health Highway India Pvt Ltd (AiSteth) 

 Founders: Satish Jeevannavar and  Radhakrishna Jamadagni

 Founded in:2018 

 Sector: Medtech

AiSteth is a smart stethoscope to screen, detect, and predict Cardio-Respiratory Disorders using Ai/ML.

Rightbot Private Limited 

 Founders: Abhinav Warrier and Anurag Dutta 

 Founded in:2020 

 Sector: Enterprise Tech

Rightbot builds plug & play, swarm robotics systems for warehouse fulfilment in emerging economies. Rightbot’s high throughput solution generates an attractive customer ROI even in low wage geographies like India.

Retail Pulse 

 Founders:  Anshul Gupta

 Founded in: 2020


Retail Pulse connects consumer goods companies to millions of stores through AI-powered computer vision.


 Founders: Adityanag Nagesh & Puru Rastogi  

 Founded in: 2019

 Sector: Deeptech

Mowito provides software tools for mobile robots, to enable them to navigate intelligently in indoor facilities.


 Founders: Ashish Anand,  Falguni Pandit & Abhishek Bhattacharya

 Founded in: 2019

 Sector: Fintech

Whrrl is a fintech startup with a dual objective of increasing farmers’ income and reducing banking frauds in the Warehouse Receipt Finance segment.


 Founders: Ashwin Chawwla & Subhrangshu Neogi

 Founded in: 2015

 Sector: Fintech

India’s First Digital Escrow payments platform. As a next gen, agile platform we leverage smart technology riding on the backbone of banks to solve genuine problems of trust deficit, fear and anxiety in transactions for 65M SMBs and ‘digital first’ emerging companies in India.

Insurance Samadhan 

 Founders: Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, Shailesh Kumar and Sanjay H Aggarwal 

 Founded in: 2018 

Sector: Fintech

Insurance Samadhan is an online platform that deals with resolving insurance-related complaints. It is a developer of a grievance redressal platform designed for all insurance policyholders to file a complaint.

Ark Neo Finance 

 Founders: Balachandran Bhamathi Daita and Chandrasekar Chockanath Ramakrishnan 

 Founded in: 2020

 Sector: Fintech

Ark Neo Finance is involved in monetary Intermediation which includes the obtaining of funds in the form of deposits.

Chiratae Ventures, formerly known as IDG Ventures, was founded in 2006 by Sudhir Sethi, TCM Sundaram and Manik Arora. It focuses on early-stage startups and has close to 95 ventures in its portfolio, including the likes of Nestaway, Myntra and Bounce.

Commenting on the announcement, Sudhir Sethi, founder and chairman, said “Our Innovators Program is rooted in our commitment towards strengthening our homegrown startup ecosystem. We are happy to have received a large number of applications this year. It is truly inspiring to witness the grit and determination of founders who are working towards scaling innovative solutions that aim to shift paradigms and create real value.”