Here’s How We Roll

Here’s How We Roll

It all started way back in July, when 3 perspicacious youngsters from BITS Hyderabad (Yes! Engineering students) felt their entrepreneurial instincts come to life. Their perspicuous thinking coupled with the desire to innovate gave birth to Inc42.

The title was obvious. Says Prasanna Unar, Co-founder and Creative head of Inc42, “We believe in Douglas Adams when we say this, 42 is the answer to life! Our entrepreneurial desires seemed more like a question to us at first. There was that time when we wanted to do something but were not really sure what that would be.” The Inc42 Magazine has had an impressive run so far since its inception in July, garnering a cool 500+ views per day. Its articles feature Startup reviews, entrepreneurial resources, reviews on startup tools for the aspiring entrepreneur et al.

As Utkarsh Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of Inc42, puts it, “We help StartUps startup. Our endeavor is to make Inc42 that prime resource, which everyone in the entrepreneurial world can turn to and seek what they need to know.” Inspiring it certainly is! Inc42 has achieved phenomenal success considering the fact that it was started by three youngsters who had practically no lavish resources at their disposal. They were just 3 kids who wanted to make a difference.  Inc42 has successfully been the internet partner for numerous prestigious events.

So why are telling you all of this? Well, the answer’s right here!

WriteUp- The 42 Way!

Now Inc42 gives you a chance to work with them in their writer mentorship program cum internship titled, “WriteUp- The 42 Way!” It is your chance now to be a part of this growing organization and see for yourself what it takes to startup your ideas. Get a paid writing job here at Inc42. Learn from industry experts with hands on approach. Gain invaluable experience, especially if you are in your student years and want to learn how things happen. It’s all uphill from here! According to Naren Krishna Madhurakavi, CMO of Inc42, this event was imminent.  “This was a part of our plan. Some may say that we’re too young to actually mentor anyone, especially if that person is, say older to us, but the answer to that is 42, Inc42. The answer to life can answer other queries as well. Things have been going pretty well for us and we believe now is the time to start giving back to the world for what it has given to us.”

The Inc42 team is sanguine of a tremendous response as the publicity for WriteUp is on at full throttle. This could be it! Your chance to feel the difference between living and vegetating, understand the difference between growing and developing. The experience at Inc42 actually matters and I’m not just saying it because I post articles for them, I say this because Inc42 has been one of my more favorite teachers in life.

So if you feel, you have it in you to take the business world by storm, WriteUp may be the first step to own your dream. Live it! Like it! The 42 way!

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.

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