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Few hours ago, Google went for a toss as nearly all of its services started misbehaving. On January 24, sometime around evening “Gmail” users started experiencing slow connections. Other services like YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Play Music were also displaying access problems.

The outage led to several users complaining on social media platforms and reports on all major media publications around the world. The situation also allowed players like “Hotmail” and “Yahoo” to get noticed, as other email service provider showed their surprise via various tweets.

While world was tweeting about the outage – Outlook tried taking the advantage and tweeted:

Well Yahoo too tweeting wasn’t a surprise then

Twitter___Yahoo__Gmail_is_temporarily_unavailable____[Tweet Source]

Though later Yahoo apologized for the same

Google’s app status dashboard shows the disruption of its major services until few hours ago:


Even currently, two of its services i.e. Hangouts and Google voice are interrupted


Techcrunch published a post earlier today which mentions of a glitch in “Gmail” due to which a guy named David.S.Peck is receiving thousand of emails. Though it has not been confirmed if the bug in the email service of the search engine and outage was same, but assumptions are it can be interlinked. Well the reports are not been confirmed as of now.

We aggregated some of the tweets from around the world to understand the matter in a glance:

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