Anyone Would Kill To Work At A Startup After Looking At These Offices

Anyone Would Kill To Work At A Startup After Looking At These Offices


13 Sexy Indian Startup Offices You Wish You Worked In

Startup Culture is a world different from corporate culture because you can sit with the company’s CEO a desk apart and there is no need to go through the whole hierarchy to communicate with him because you can ask his assistance on your own, YES you can or message him on Facebook. Not only this startups have even cooler offices to keep their employees motivated and instill creativity.

Here, we have compiled a list of startups which have cool offices. Cool offices are those where an employee should not feel bad on Monday Mornings dragging himself to the office, he should be filled with energy and joy.

The list consists of office spaces of well established companies and some of the startups which have recently come up with their sexy offices making everyone working in their corporate dull offices envious. Here, take a look at these awe-inspiring offices.

Take a look at these cool offices:


Posist’s office walls bring every colour to life because not a single colour has been left out and this colourful vibrant office is the place where the company works for food industry with its POS platform. The walls are not filled with colours but also boast of some quirky posters with humorous lines and Marvel superheroes. With all these glass partitions the office is plushed with colours and looks lively and lovely.


The company was launched in 2010. Its office is located in Chennai, due to which the whole office is based on Superstar Rajinikanth’s theme. Incorporating the comfort level of a startup which extends to over 400 employees the office has no cubicles and there are more bean bags than chairs. The workplace also has a cool cafeteria with abstract art. For recreation, it has a foosball table as well. Take a look at Freshdesk’s ‘fresh’ office.


Just like the founder of the company build it from ground zero, Adpushup’s team made its office from nothing. Being located in Pitampura, the company had to make a choice between NSP and Commercial Main Road and they chose latter. Having an independent floor they had to all by themselves and they had an advantage of using it any time they want. Whole team sat for a discussion of New office’s plan and they came up with an office with a conference room, two cabins, recreational area, a reception and even a nap room with bunk beds.


Myntra’s new office is keeping up to the theme and identity of Myntra in mind, they have created a space which is unique for a tech startup, but very much along the lines of what a major fashion label’s office should be. The new office represents the glamorous image of Myntra in all its glory. With its vision, Myntra’s new workplace is equipped with everything linked to fashion – a live ramp, fashion and magazine departments for the editors and a photographer arena with designers room, a gym as well as a recreational area along with a great cafeteria for its employees. Not a single wall that has been left empty. It is inspired by the Mondrian Dress.

Have a sneak peak into the Myntra’s office:


The youtube intelligent marketing and analytics suite startup not only helps brands maximize their organic views but also its employees’ work culture with its ravishing office. It has a rejuvenating area where employees can lay back, relax a bit, watch some TV and get their mind off for some time. The incandescent lights accentuates the brick walls the office boasts of. It has a number of seating areas where employees can cozy up a bit.


Bangalore-based InMobi is a mobile advertising platform which targets audience on the basis of their interest made it to Billion Mobile Devices in Q4 2014. To achieve so, it keeps its employees in good shape and interested in what they do, thanks to their uber cool office. Their desks are made of white film which means they can use it as a whiteboard as well, helpful when you don’t want to fiddle around finding a piece of paper. If lack of quiet hinders someone they can go to a private cabin to think, not even this they have theme based sitting areas, a gym to work it all off, a sports arena and a music room to all those who find solace in venting out all the music.

Here’s InMobi’s Office Tour:


Kayako was started from Jalandhar in 2001 when its founder Varun Shoor dropped out from college. It was developed from his bedroom at the age of 17 who was frustrated at the state of customer services at that time. Following his success he relocated company’s headquarters at London. The company has a no cabin culture where meetings and discussions are held in open cabin offices. The office is built so that there is enough daylight and colleagues can be reached at an arm length.

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Housing’s design studio, famous for its real estate listings has setup a new design studio which is a real estate marvel in itself. The company chose the trendiest location of Delhi-Hauz Khas Village. On the new design studio, Suvonil Chatterjee, Design head of the company, said that design is at the core of housing just like a Harley Davidson’s engine creates a powerful sound as it surges the bike ahead. The studio has a utopian look to it, with  awe-inspiring exquisite designs. Here’s a look at Housing’s new design studio.


Ibibo’s new office has done it all for its employees, with productive messages on wall like, “ done is better than said” and “ when others are dreaming about it we are busy getting it done” does make them inclined to get things done. Apart from this, a colourful conference room, a scenic view and those places specifically made to chitchat does make those working hours worthwhile.


Headout, the company that helps users discover tours activities and experiences has the US as its target market while it operates from Bangalore. The company’s office shows exactly how the startup works, it has a recreational area with gaming consoles, apart from normal seating area there are certain areas if one needs privacy while working or to think. Workplace has been made so that it can be used for partying and working at the same time.


Based out of Noida, mobile commerce company, Paytm has a fabulous office design. With all the light coming through its glass walls the office’s walls with strategically placed images of Steve Jobs and other famous personalities does inspire one. Not only this, glass walls with messages like ” Go Big Or Go Home” and “We are valued for speed and speed only” show how the company is focussed enough to move forward. It has an open office model along with separate areas, if required.


The startups aims to make cashless dining a reality with its mobile payment app. The office boasts of gorgeous furnishings which gives it a modern look. With a office so well furnished, it certainly is centre of attraction among other things. With a number of spots to sit at, it doesn’t give room to tediousness and boredom of sticking to a sinlge place.

And finally,


The homegrown ecommerce company has come up with a 2 Mn Sq-ft new office campus in Bangalore. The building has over 11 floors with recreational areas, library, hallways, game zones, miniature golf area, and various other installations. Apart from this, every floor has its own theme which vary from literature to art, technology, music, advertising, science, cinema and more. For instance, the sports theme-based floor has not the usual dull floorings but a racing track so that employees could maintain their pace.

Did we miss out any of the cool offices? If you think so, drop comments below!!

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Anyone Would Kill To Work At A Startup After Looking At These Offices-Inc42 Media
Anyone Would Kill To Work At A Startup After Looking At These Offices-Inc42 Media
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