Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story

Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story


Inc42 is launching The D2C Retreat, an exclusive 3-day unconference bringing together India's top D2C and retail leaders to drive innovation in Indian retail...

A seismic shift is rocking India’s retail landscape, fueled by a growing aspiration wave that’s challenging age-old norms. From glitzy metro hubs to humble neighbourhood marts, premiumisation fever is going viral as consumers trade up their tastes.

The numbers speak volumes: Hindustan Unilever launched a whopping 70% of new products in the premium bracket over the past two years, while ITC doubled down with 65% pricier personal care offerings. Even traditional players like Parle are getting aspirational, with 60-65% of recent biscuit launches flaunting premium tags, up from 40% pre-pandemic.

But this upheaval extends far beyond FMCG majors. In consumer tech, just 175 new smartphones priced below INR 12,000 hit the shelves in 2023 – down from 370 models in 2019, signalling premium’s mass-market pull, according to GfK.  

Giants are revamping strategies – Marico is mulling over Thrasio-style D2C brand stables, while Emami and Mankind embrace emerging D2C brands. The old guard is getting disruptive as new-age brands march into brick-and-mortar – over a third of Honasa (Mamaearth parent) sales now flow through physical outlets vital for hyper-scaling.

Relentless innovators like boAt, once digital-only, now expect offline to outpace online sales this year, recognising that “90% of India still shops offline.” This great convergence is blurring boundaries, as ecommerce leaders like Purplle raise $100 Mn for offline forays, while rental pioneers Furlenco and Reliance’s Zivame crack the omnichannel playbook.

This blurring of lines between traditional and digital-first retail approaches is indicative of a market that is increasingly catering to a more sophisticated, discerning consumer base that demands quality across all touchpoints. The convergence of legacy retail with D2C strategies is not just reshaping how products are sold, but also redefining consumer expectations and brand interactions across the board.

Inc42 has been at the forefront of this transformation, actively shaping India’s D2C narrative. Through over 3,000 articles, 20 research reports, and 6 high-impact conferences, and our recently launched D2CX programme, which helps early-stage brands build a personalised growth playbook for their 1 to 10 journey, we’ve influenced and connected hundreds of thousands of D2C startup founders, operators, investors, and enthusiasts, moulding the D2C evolution in India.

Yet, amidst these milestones, we recognised a persistent challenge: the need for robust support for growth-stage D2C & modern retail leaders and the profound need for a space that fosters meaningful connections and addresses the transformative challenges of building successful, high-growth modern retail brands.

It is high time that someone brought the people who matter in India’s retail and D2C ecosystem together. We believe when the smartest of people come together magic happens.

Introducing The D2C Retreat

Recognising the need for a focused discourse on these evolving trends, Inc42 is launching The D2C Retreat. This invite-only, three-day residential unconference is designed to bring together India’s leading D2C founders, modern retail leaders, and luminary speakers in an intimate, confidential setting to forge new strategies, share insights, and catalyse the next wave of innovation in Indian retail.

Set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, The D2C Retreat seeks to create a haven for collaboration, learning, and growth, where participants can access exclusive insights, forge lasting connections, and gain invaluable guidance from industry experts, making it an essential convergence point for those looking to lead in the era of modern retail.

This retreat is meticulously designed to connect India’s leading D2C founders and retail leaders, creating a trusted community that fosters both professional and personal growth.

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What Makes The D2C Retreat Unique?

At The D2C Retreat by Inc42, we’ll bring together over 60 visionaries, each leading a company with revenues exceeding INR 100 Cr. This retreat will serve as a melting pot of ideas, where:

  • New partnerships will be forged,
  • Innovative strategies will be shared,
  • The foundation for exponential growth will be laid

The D2C Retreat By Inc42 Attendees

Experience Deep, Impactful Engagement

Attendees will engage in deep dives on crucial topics like:

  • IPO Readiness: Understanding the mindset of retail investors
  • M&As: Crafting informed strategies
  • Human Capital Management: Best practices in CXO headhunting and founder growth
  • Building INR 1,000 Cr+ Brands: Strategies and blueprints for monumental growth
  • Leadership Development: Exploring executive and empathetic leadership models
  • Legacy & Succession Planning: Preparing for the future in a digital and omnichannel world

Who Should Attend?

This retreat is tailored for:

  • D2C Founders and Modern Retail Leaders of brands valued at $50 Mn or higher,
  • Those who have raised over $15 Mn in funding,
  • Or those generating annual revenues over INR 100 Cr.

As we gather at The D2C Retreat, attendees will not only gain unprecedented insights but will also leave equipped with tangible strategies and a clear vision to elevate their businesses. This is more than just a retreat; it’s a transformative experience where leaders turn into visionaries, poised to revolutionise the consumer landscape.

Join us for this landmark unconference where you will connect, discover, and innovate. Prepare to return inspired and empowered to drive growth and influence change. Together, we will craft the future of India’s D2C and retail sectors, setting new benchmarks for success and sustainability in the modern retail world.

The D2C retreat is co-presented by Simpl and powered by Nitro and Pay10.

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Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story-Inc42 Media
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Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story-Inc42 Media
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Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story-Inc42 Media
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Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story-Inc42 Media
Announcing The D2C Retreat – Unlocking India’s Consumption Story-Inc42 Media
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