Zomato's 3 Platform Fee Hikes: A Short Timeline

Zomato introduced INR 2 Platform fee in the picture by taking a leaf out of Swiggy’s playbook in August. 

Later in the same month, Zomato hiked the Platform fee to INR 3 in some cities, even charging the same from Gold Users.

The platform fee then was hiked to INR 4 on the new year's eve as a business call across major cities. It was put into effect in the new year.

Many users also reported that New Year’s Eve saw platform fees temporarily upped to as high as INR 9 per order in certain markets.

Now, Zomato has hiked its platform fee by 25% to INR 5 per order in major areas like NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Lucknow. 

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