YesMadam's Voyage From The Sea To Shark Tank Success


Ex-mariners Aditya and Mayank were inspired to launch Yes Madam after a personal allergic reaction incident during a home salon service in 2016.

Surviving the Storm

Struggling to raise funds and facing increased cash burn, Yes Madam endured losses until FY22 when strategic shifts led to profitability.


Yes Madam pivoted to manufacturing their products, acquiring white-labeled ones, and introduced a convenience fee, boosting margins and customer satisfaction.


With a 246% revenue growth in five years, Yes Madam's expansion includes introducing new services and targeting tier 2 and tier 3 markets.

Shark Tank Success

Appearing on Shark Tank catapulted Yes Madam's visibility, expanding their user base by 427% and aiming for further growth in offline markets.

How Shark Tank Fame Yes Madam Transformed Its Fates In A Slouching Indian Home Salon Market