Will New D2C Brands Topple Legacy Players In India’s Luggage Market?

The Rise of Indian D2C Brands

New D2C brands are reshaping the Indian luggage market, pushing legacy brands like VIP Industries into a tight corner.

VIP Industries' Market Struggles

VIP Industries has lost market share for five years, while Safari Industries increased its share from 16.7% to 24% (2019-2022).

Emerging D2C Players

Brands like Mokobara, Nasher Miles, and EUME are gaining popularity with innovative designs and new-age customer preferences.

Origin of ICON

ICON, launched in 2023 by MyFitness founders, focuses on innovation in the luggage segment, targeting the mass premium market.

ICON’s Unique Offerings

ICON offers unique features like wide-handle designs and durable 100% PC material, priced between INR 4,000 to INR 10,000.

Rapid Growth and Market Strategy

With 40% sales from its website and 60% from e-commerce, ICON has seen significant growth in traffic and sales since its launch.

Future Plans and Market Potential

ICON aims to dominate the online market and expand into Tier II and III regions, seeing significant opportunities despite legacy brand dominance.

ICON Wants To Make A Dent In India’s Luggage And Bags Industry