Why Is National Startup Day 2024 A Pivotal Day For India?

Upcoming Decade Of India

In 2024, we are looking at it as the beginning of the next decade to come. Which many are calling India’s decade — not just for startups but the overall economy.

Tech Inflection point

While global businesses implement AI and automation, India is early and misplaced in this discussion. Unlike mature markets, India is still in the middle of its maturity cycle.

Building On Bharat

The urban areas are headed to the right direction, but more focus both from investors and founders is being put on finding the “product-market” fit for.

“China + One” Sentiment 

The Indian economy is the largely favourable global environment where the “China + One” sentiment gives India a competitive edge over other developing nations.

RBI’s Optimism

RBI believes that the Indian economy has shown strong fundamentals to remain an attractive proposition for large investments both domestic and foreign. 

Digital Public Infrastructure

DPI pillars such as UPI, DigiLocker, ONDC, etc have given new life to tech models that target urban population, but the next 5 years will be key to bring this same transformation to Bharat. 

Learn Why 2024 National Day Is The Start Of A New Decade For India