Why Inshorts' Pivot From News To Influencer Content Is An Issue

News To Content Shift

Inshorts is morphing from being a news aggregator to a full-fledged social media content platform.

A Regulatory Issue

In the process, Inshorts is running precariously close to regulatory guardrails for digital media platforms, and also risks losing its news-first identity.

Building From Scratch

Unlike Dailyhunt’s acquisitions, which brought in inorganic user and influencer growth, Inshorts is trying to build something from scratch. And at the same time, it’s looking to do so without burning too much cash.

The New Inshorts

The New Inshorts is becoming a social media intermediary while keeping the news aggregator aspect in the mix. This is causing many regulatory problems.

The Problem 

The IT Act requires news aggregators to follow content rules on all platforms. Aggregating social media content poses challenges for platforms like Inshorts, especially when blending individual opinions with news.

No Separation Of Branded Or Opinion-based Content

Inc42 found Inshorts posts labeled as news linking to social media, not publishers. Inshorts also showcases content from influencers on YouTube and LinkedIn, branded as Shorts.

Who’s Moderating The Content?

As the news aggregator tries to grow through influencer-driven user onboarding, it will have to tackle the challenge of fact-checking content being dished out as “news”.

Inshorts ‘Pivots’ From News To Influencer Content In Push For Growth, Engagement