What Made Nazara's NODWIN Gaming A Powerhouse In India?


NODWIN was acquired by Nazara Technologies in 2018, with Nazara obtaining a 55% stake in NODWIN.

NODWIN’s Origins 

Founded in 2014 by Akshat Rathee and Gautam Virk, NODWIN Gaming started with organizing local esports tournaments.

Digital Transformation

NODWIN thrived post-demonetization, benefiting from digitization, cheaper data prices, and the rise of smartphones, building a strong gaming community.

Market Leadership

NODWIN holds an 80% share of the Indian esports market and saw its revenue grow 25X in six years, now contributing 37% to Nazara's total revenue.

Strategic Diversification

NODWIN expanded into music festivals and pop culture events, acquired multiple companies, and developed over 50+ intellectual properties.

International Expansion

NODWIN is focusing on emerging markets like Turkey, Central Asia, and Africa, planning to increase global office locations and target new acquisitions.

How NODWIN Gaming Has Become Nazara Tech’s Biggest Revenue Contributor In 6 Years