What Do VCs Think About India's GenAI Boom?

India's Lagging Investment

Dev Khare of Lightspeed highlights India's delay in GenAI investment compared to the US and Europe, urging for catch-up. 

Media Hype Vs Adoption Reality

JM Financial notes a disconnect between media hype and actual GenAI adoption in businesses, calling for scrutiny.

VC Shift to Application Layer

VCs increasingly favor startups operating in the application layer, such as those utilizing ChatGPT, per Dev Khare.

Targeting Application Layer

Speciale Invest and Inflection Point Ventures target startups leveraging existing models, echoing Dev Khare's sentiment and JM Financial's insights. 

Leveraging Existing Models

Ivy Chin (Inflection Point Ventures) stresses VCs' preference for startups building upon existing GenAI models, advocating for innovation-driven strategies. 

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