What Changes Is Unikon.ai Bringing To Networking In India?

Social Media Explosion In India

India had 462M social media users in Jan 2024. LinkedIn's Indian user base surged to 120M by Jan 2024, making it LinkedIn's second-largest market.

Rise Of Unikon.ai

Launched in Nov 2023 by Bella Vita's Aakash Anand, Unikon.ai connects students, professionals, and freelancers with mentors and experts.

Unique Features

Unikon.ai allows users to set rates for their time, offering video, audio, and messaging services for queries and advice, enhancing accessibility.

Innovative Tools

Unishorts allows users to showcase skills through short videos, while UniSeek uses AI to match queries with professionals, enhancing engagement and networking.

Business Model And Funding

Unikon.ai takes a 20% cut on transactions and raised INR 16 Cr in seed funding from notable investors, fueling its growth and development.

Growth And Future Plans

Unikon.ai aims to grow from 2,300 to 2.5 lakh users in 12 months. The platform is developing GenAI models to enhance user experience and support professional growth.

How Unikon.ai Wants To Change The Professional Networking Dynamics In India