Union Budget 2024: Agritech Startup’s Expectations From The Budget 

Encourage agritech investment by exempting long-term capital gains on private equity, fostering innovation, and supporting agriculture-related activities.

Karthik Jayaraman, WayCool Foods

He said, “This year, reforms should include tax benefits or subsidies for adopting these technologies in the agricultural sector.”

Sandiip Bhammer, Green Frontier Capital

He sought interest subvention of 2% for short-term agricultural loans to promote financial inclusion, drive sustainable growth, and encourage innovation in the field of agritech. 

Kartheeswaran, Ninjacart 

Vivek Nirmal called for higher fund allocation for National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) in this year’s Budget, with a special focus on vegetables.

Vivek Nirmal, Kisankonnect

He expects the finance minister to announce measures to support climate-resilient practices in agriculture in line with the country’s net zero emissions target.

Prasanna Rao, Arya.ag

2024 Union Budget: Agritech Expectations

Budget 2024 Expectations: What Are Indian Agritech Startups Expecting From The Interim Budget?