Unveiling India's Fastest Growing D2C Startups

Nat Habit

Nat Habit, with its ayurvedic beauty and personal care range, aims to make natural wellness an everyday affair for Indian households. 

Hammer Lifestyle

Hammer Lifestyle offers feature-rich ‘lifestyle’ gadgets with a focus on affordability.


MyMuse is on a mission to destigmatise sex toys by focussing on educational content and sexual wellness resources, breaking taboos and challenging gender biases.


Anveshan provides chemical-free foods, including A2 ghee, cold-pressed and wood-pressed oils, superfoods, natural honey and more.

The Pant Project

D2C fashion brand offers made-to-order trousers using high-stretch, high-quality and sustainable fabrics (cotton, linen, wool and more) suitable for any activity. 

TagZ Foods

TagZ Foods offers a wholesome range of tasty yet healthy dips, dark chocolate centre-filled hemp cookies, corn puffs, corn bhujia and date snacks. 


Pilgrim makes FDA-approved and PETA-certified vegan and safe products for a new generation of conscious beauty consumers.

Unveiling The List Of Fastest Growing D2C Startups Of India