The Dark Side Of Dating Apps In India

Crimes involving dating apps are on the rise, where both men and women fall prey to the dating app “honeytraps” resulting in cases of blackmail and even murders. 

According to a Norton report, an *average* fraud on dating apps can cost a person a minimum of INR 7,996. 

Dating apps come under the IT Act, mandating them to safeguard the privacy of their users, dissuade them from using unethical content, and appoint grievance officers in case of user harassment, among others.

However, unlike other social media apps, dating apps have largely ignored the guidelines, said one activist working with dating app scam victims. 

Dating apps, lacking substantial monetization avenues beyond subscriptions and ads find it crucial to share exclusive data with social media networks and third-party apps to generate revenue, according to an executive from a Bengaluru-based dating firm. 

Furthermore, linking one’s FB & Instagram profiles with dating apps also puts users at increased risk, as their sensitive information could be easily shared and misused.

Some apps also use real-time location and IP addresses and display marketing features from third-party apps along with matches and preferences based on geographical locations.

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