Subtl.AI's Tech Stack For Enterprises Keeping GenAI Errors In Check


Subtl.AI offers knowledge agents that can provide answers and automate tasks like form filling, ticket management, and other internal queries with high accuracy.

Revenue Numbers

The company has logged in a revenue of INR 55 Lakh since 2020. The startup plans on touching $500K in annual recurring revenue by the end of FY25. 

Funding Raised

Subtl.AI has raised $200K from angel investors, along with INR 50 Lakh worth of equity-free grants from the MeitY. The startup is in talks to raise a seed funding round of $1Mn.

Subtle.AI’s Playbook

Powered by OpenAI’s LLM model, It offers businesses query responses and references from diverse sources, along with multi-modal tools for picture and text recognition, catering to cultural nuances and regional language variations.

Subtle.AI’s Customers

SBI, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers, NSE TalentSprint. Startup claims that it is helping 2.5 Lakh SBI branch officers save 30 Lakh hours a year.  

How Hyderabad-Based Subtl.AI Is Helping Enterprises Keep GenAI Errors In Check