SolarSquare's Full-Stack Solar Energy Solutions For Indians

Full Stack Solar Technology

SolarSquare offers full-stack solar energy support, from consultation to installation, using high-quality panels and their durable WindPro Mount.

Myths Shrouding Solar Energy

 Cofounder Shreya claims that misconceptions about solar being a non-effecient source is hampering it's growth as a source of energy. Hence the consultations play a huge role.

An Investment, Not Expense

“Not only is solar energy sufficient to power your entire home, it also helps you bring your electricity bill to almost zero. Additionally, solar is a one-time investment,” Cofounder Mishra added. 

Making Solar Pocket Friendly

SolarSquare partners with banks for EMIs, with monthly payments similar to electricity bills. No down payment is required, covered by government subsidies.

Maintenance Costs 

SolarSquare provides a 5-year maintenance package with monthly cleaning and quarterly checks. Afterward, an annual fee of INR 10,000 applies. 

How SolarSquare Is Helping Indians Harvest Solar Power With Its Full-Stack Solutions