Nikhil Kamath-Backed Sharan Hegde’s  The 1% Club Explained

The 1% Club, initially an educational platform, evolved into a comprehensive financial solution targeting India's middle class.

The 1% Club?

Geared toward individuals earning over 5 Lakh annually in metro or Tier II cities, the platform serves early to mid-career professionals. Currently, it has 30k+ users.

User Base

Offers a lifetime membership at INR 16,999, providing access to a range of financial planning services and potential future offerings.

Membership SYSTEM

Striving to be personal CFOs for Indian households, democratizing financial planning, revolutionizong the industry, and promoting financial freedom.

The 1% Club Goal

The 1% Club plans to introduce personalized financial planning services, offering tailored advice on investments, insurance, and tax planning.

Upcoming Services

Advanced plans include seeking SEBI registration as a registered investment advisor, enhancing credibility and ensuring regulatory compliance in the finance sector.

SEBI Registration